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   Chapter 303 Conspiracy Theory

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The summer breeze blew gently, and the Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant was busy at the moment. Irene was busy in the kitchen with sweat all over her forehead. Looking at the front desk with an endless stream of orders, she was thinking about expanding the restaurant!

When she first met Aaron, she thought the rent of this restaurant was only one hundred thousand dollars. At that time, she thought that Jackson's hotel ran well, but she didn't expect that they deceived her together!

It was a bit expensive to rent a house here, and there were also office buildings nearby. In recent days, Aaron and Thomas was planning to list. Their company's address was not far from their new home. The new house had been almost decorated, and they could move in for a period of time!

Irene thought for a while. How about opening a restaurant around Thomas's company, which was closer to the place they worked. Since Thomas came back, Aaron seldom went to the LR Group. Irene always felt that Aaron had a business relationship with Thomas.

Perhaps Aaron would often stay in Thomas's company in the future!

Outside the Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant, there was a black noble car parking in front of it. Jonny silently looked at the constant stream of passenger flow in the restaurant. Recently, he often drove here for a whole day. He hadn't seen Irene for a long time!

But today, he saw Aaron send Irene here and drive away!

He would never forget that when the two of them parted, the smile at the corners of Irene's mouth was as beautiful as a flower. That was his exclusive smile, but now it was blooming in front of others!

She would never smile or cry for him again!

The air conditioner in the car blew out the cold wind, and Jonny sat alone in the car, with tears quietly falling down. The girl he loved had already become someone else's wife, smiling sweetly and brightly every day, no longer belonged to him, and would never belong to him!

He clenched the invitation card in his hand. He was going to get married. The bride was Olivia, but he didn't know if Irene

ut not so sweet and comfortable!

"What do you mean?"

Jonny looked at the woman in front of him with burning eyes, with a faint sneer at the corners of his mouth. He thought that he couldn't do anything to hurt Irene!

"As you can see, Irene and Aaron are having a good time together. But can you believe that these are a photos of them that has been together for less than half a year?"

"What do you mean?"

"After breaking up with you, the second day after that, Irene took Aaron to the dormitory to move things. Jonny, don't you understand or don't you want to understand?"

Jonny's face darkened. Indeed, he had suspected her, but he believed that Irene was not that kind of person. They had been together for so long, and he was confident about it!

"I trust her!"

"Ha ha, trust her. Do you know that they got the marriage certificate on the day you broke up and lived together that night? Jonny, do you know that?"

There was still a faint smile on Jessica's face, but her tone became more and more aggressive. Jonny looked at Jessica in disbelief, "How could it be? How could it be possible?"

Jessica hinted Nick slightly. Nick took out the copy of the marriage certificate of Irene and said, "This is provided by the register office. The date is..."

"Stop it. What the hell do you want to do? I'm going to get married. Sorry, I can't keep you company!"

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