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   Chapter 282 The Case Came True

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"There are still five days left. Don't worry. I will be there on time!"

After making the decision without authorization, Irene felt a little guilty. She glanced at Aaron with her side eyes, and then Aaron nodded at Zack, "Thank you, Mr. Zack."

Hearing the pun of Aaron, Zack had a faint understanding in his amber eyes. "Then I'll go first. See you, Irene."

After sending Zack away, Irene looked at the indifferent face of Aaron and pounced on him. "I'm sorry, honey. I agreed without thinking. I forgot who you are now."

"Thank you for your kindness. Remember that I'm not only your husband. Forget it. I will tell the company tomorrow that I'll go there as well."

With a pout, Irene looked at Aaron with grievance in her eyes. "Oh, sorry, I forgot it."

Aaron lowered his head and gently kissed Irene's delicate red lips. "Well, remember to discuss with me next time."

As the development of the Cheng Group went smoothly, Ada couldn't help but doubt whether the Lin Group had been sidelined by the Ken Group, and she hadn't found out the Lin Groupy's counterattack for such a long time. Ada was cautious, and after knowing this, she felt that things were getting more and more out of her expectation. So Ada decided to collect and sort out information again and temporarily stop the acquisition.

Carl, who was taking care of the child at home, heard the news from the Secretary office at the first time. He frowned slightly and looked at Barrie who was playing happily in the amusement park. Then he called Ada.

"Ada, I heard that you are planning to purchase the Lin Group again?"

Ada looked at the document in her hand, "Where are you now? I need your advice."

"I know you must have a lot of questions about attitude of the Ken Group, but we are going to officially acquire the Lin Group tomorrow. Trust me, do everything according to the original plan. Don't give the Lin Group a chance to breathe. I will go to the company to help you after I send Barrie home."


ument will be handed over to you at the end. No matter what happens tomorrow, I will go to the scene. I will personally watch the victory of this battle, and it is also an explanation to Helen."

When Carl looked at the firm look of Ada, his peach blossom eyes twinkled. He could see that Ada was determined to make this case a reality.

As time went by, it was getting darker and darker. Looking at the gaunt Ada, Carl felt sorry for her and asked her to have a rest first. He had to hand over the work to the staff outside.

Ada couldn't hold on any longer and fell asleep on the table. Carl covered her coat gently and touched the messy hair on her face. Seeing Ada sleeping, Carl sat on the desk and didn't close his eyes until the early morning.

Due to the long-term work, Ada hadn't had a good rest for several days. When she woke up, it was already seven o'clock in the morning. She opened her eyes and looked at the table next to her. Carl was busy with dealing with documents. His serious side face made Ada sink again.

Perhaps no one could resist the serious side face of a handsome man.

Ada slightly narrowed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. She saw that Carl carefully wrote notes on tomorrow's meeting. He was a very serious and responsible person, but he liked to hide himself with a cynical attitude.

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