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   Chapter 281 I Will Lower Your Level

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Looking at the innocent smile on Irene's face, Zack thought of the man whom he had heard for a long time. As an indispensable business partner of A City, even if they didn't meet today, they would inevitably meet each other. But what identity would they meet today? Were they rival in love?

"Why not?"

Zack looked sideways at Irene, but there was a hint of incomprehensibility in his eyes. How could the usually careless Irene notice these details?

In the luxuriously decorated hotel, Irene closely followed the elegant man in front of her. There was a trace of coldness and loneliness in his back, which was different when he was young.

When Irene followed the well behaved Zack into the private room, a meaningful smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. She saw that the chubby Zack in his childhood had become so elegant, and the one who followed when they were children had become her.

"What are you thinking about? Why are you smiling so happily?"

Looking at the handsome side face of Zack, Irene smiled brightly. "People say that time is a ruthless butcher. Why does it change so much to you?"

Zack frowned. Apparently, he didn't understand what Irene meant.

Looking at the dull look on Zack's face, Irene finally saw some childhood looks on his shrewd face.

She chuckled and her bright eyes curved. "I mean you've changed a lot. You've become more handsome, but I'm still an ugly duckling."

Zack looked at Irene with pity in his eyes. He had seen the lovely look of her when she was young, and also knew her kindness when she was a child. She was like a beacon in his life, and when he was confused, he would think of the innocent and lovely look of her when she smiled.

"How could you be an ugly duckling? Even if you are not confident in yourself, you should believe in your husband's judgment. He married the best girl in the world."

Aaron happened to hear what Zack said outside the room. He smiled slightly. Although he didn't like Zack, he had

tip of Irene's nose and looked at Zack, "Mr. Zack, it's late. We should go home now."

Zack's amber eyes were filled with light, and he gently looked at Irene and said, "Irene, my company will hold a dinner party some time later. I hope you can attend it."

"Me? I don't think it's a good idea. After all, you are all elites in the business world. Will I lower your level?"

Aaron stroked the short hair near her ear and smiled, "Well, you haven't adapted to the fact that your husband is the chairman of the LR Group yet."

Irene said with a smile, "Yes, I always think you are no different from a taxi driver!"

Looking up at Zack, who was sitting opposite to her, Irene smiled gently and said, "Okay, Zack. But when will you hold the dinner party? I'll make preparations in advance."

"Well, it will hold at five o'clock in the afternoon on the 10th of this month, we can wait for you with our families."

There was a hint of sternness in Aaron's deep eyes. The XH Group had sent an invitation to him, and Aaron had confirmed that it was also Earl who attended. He had no intention of it. After all, he had to stay at home with Irene. However, Aaron didn't expect that Zack would directly invite Irene without telling him.

He, Aaron, had always been disdainful of using these tricks, especially using women.

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