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   Chapter 279 The Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6708

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When the sunlight shone into the room, Nancy, who was sleeping, felt the bed beside her move a little and then the sound of dressing.

"Mom, why do you get up so early?"

"Your brother-in-law is still at home. I can't let your sister cook."

"Even if my brother-in-law is at home, so what? Isn't it always my sister who cooks?"

Nancy couldn't help but turn over with complaints. Then she suddenly realized that Aaron was at home. If she could leave a good impression on Aaron, she would try everything!

Thinking of this, Nancy got up and put on her clothes. Seeing that Nancy was so active, Bonnie hoped that Nancy could be with Aaron. But after so many things, Bonnie finally understood that in Aaron's eyes, there was no other place but Irene!

As soon as Nancy pushed the door open, she saw a busy figure in the half open kitchen. With doubts and worship in her eyes, she greeted, "Good morning, brother in law!"

Aaron looked up at Nancy and asked, "Why do you get up so early? Aren't you used to sleeping in here?"

"I'm used to getting up early. Brother in law, Are you making breakfast?"

Aaron smiled faintly. "Yes, it will be ready in a moment!"

When Bonnie looked at the busy Aaron in the kitchen, her eyes became moist for no reason. Irene was always the first to get up and the last to sleep at home. She silently tidied up the house, silently cooked, silently worked and studied, and never complained or worked hard!

However, Bonnie didn't know how to express her feelings for a moment when she saw such a man spoiling Irene into a princess!

Irene, whom Bonnie never liked before, finally became a treasure in the hands of others!

"My sister's breakfast is good. Brother in law, why do you have to cook it yourself?"

"Well, I must have a good taste when I have the chance!"

Nancy looked at Aaron's serious side face and thought, 'How lucky Irene is to have such a good man to make breakfast for her every day. It seems that Aaron has never eaten breakfast cooke

cally. Irene didn't know how Nancy felt when she heard Irene's complaining to Aaron.

Irene felt like a servant who had been tortured by Nancy all the time had turned into a queen favored by everyone. Such a gap in mentality made Nancy very unhappy!

Nancy took out an account book from Irene's hand and looked at it. Although it was a small amount of money, it was indeed a large profit!

"You needed to pay 20 thousand tax for a month. Is there any mistake?"

Nancy looked at the account book in disbelief. Irene's monthly tax was equal to Nancy's annual income!

"Well, this shouldn't be wrong. This account book is for the tax bureau to check!"

The staff in the kitchen all smiled. Although they didn't like the snobbish Nancy, they couldn't ignore Irene's cute character!

Nancy was almost pissed off by Irene's answer. Looking at the profit on the account book, Nancy closed it and said, "Didn't you say that you would open a branch for mom and me? Why don't you do it now?"

"Nancy, your sister is going to open a restaurant for us. We have already found a shop, but something happened to you. If it weren't for saving you, how could Irene break up with Aaron?"

"Mom, do you know why something happened to me? It's all because of what happened between Irene and Aaron. Otherwise, I wouldn't be like this today."

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