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   Chapter 276 An Uninvited Guest

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Jessica's heart was in a mess. The SH Group, an internationally renowned hotel and media company, was several levels higher than the Ken Group, and even more powerful than the LR Group!

"So, what do you want to do? I can give you anything you want. Please don't sue me!"

Once this matter was known by the media, the image that Jessica had worked hard to maintain would disappear. She didn't want to be like this!

"I have to give an explanation to Jackson. I'm sorry. The lawyer's letter is ready. Please receive it!"

After saying that, Ada hung up the phone, ignoring the clamor of Jessica on the other end of the phone. She glanced at Carl, who was lowering his head to work, and raised her eyebrows. "Well, let's see what conditions the Ken Group will give us tomorrow!"

"Although Jackson didn't take part in us, I can clearly feel that he must vent his anger during this period of time, so we must let him calm down first, or I don't know what A City will be like with him!"

As Jackson's friend for many years, Carl knew him well. He would not attack unless he was attacked. If he was attacked, he would give in three times and if he was attacked again, he would kill him!

"The most exciting thing is that Helen and child are safe. Otherwise, the whole A City will be in chaos!"

The two of them kept silent. In terms of power, Jackson might be slightly inferior to Aaron, but in terms of his toughness, Jackson was several levels higher than Aaron!

Late at night, Aaron went back home with Irene. Today, Irene was shocked and tired a lot. Her cherry lips were bloodless, and her breathing was smooth. Her long eyelashes were covered gently. A faint shadow was reflected under her eyelids. She was like a withered doll!

"Silly girl, what should I do with you?"

After driving the car downstairs, Aaron got on the elevator with Irene in his arms. But he didn't expect that there were two unexpected guests at the door of the room, Bonnie and Nancy!

"Mom, Nancy, why are you here?"

Irene w

go back!"

Bonnie looked at Nancy, who was lying on the bed and playing with her cell phone. Since the accident of Nancy last time, she began to behave herself. But Bonnie felt that Nancy's duty was only temporary. Last time when Nancy came back home, Bonnie still remembered the scars on Nancy's body!

"Mom, we've just arrived. What's wrong with staying here for a few more days? My brother-in-law is rich. Anyway, Irene can make money by herself!"

"Yes, she made money, but she earned a penny by herself. Nancy, I don't expect you to be as capable as your sister. I just hope you can behave yourself, can you?"

"What's wrong with me? In your eyes, Irene is so good. I was the one who took care of you when you were sick. What's wrong with her spending some money?"

Nancy couldn't help but raise her voice, fearing that Irene couldn't hear her. "Mom, let me tell you. I will stay here for a few days. I have to find a job in A City. Mom, you'll wait and see?"

Hearing Nancy's words, Aaron frowned and smoothed Irene's brows. "It's ok. Let me handle it!"


"Don't worry. I'm here!"

Irene remained silent and thought, 'It seems that Nancy won't give up if she don't find a suitable job. But what if she stays in A City after finding a job? Then we will have many chances to meet each other in the future, won't we?'

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