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   Chapter 274 Assistant Ada

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Because of the company, Barrie could only temporarily live in the Cheng Family and was looked after by Carl's parents.

Ada came to the head office of the Cheng Group in the afternoon that day. Although the Cheng Group was stationed in A City as a catering company, it did not mean that their other industries were not good. It was just that they were not as dazzling as the catering industry!

In the first meeting room, Naylor was having a meeting. Ada knocked on the door, pushed it open and walked in with calm steps!

"Mr. Naylor, I..."

"I know. Your mother has just told me. Come on, let me introduce you to each other!"

Ada walked to the end of the meeting room and looked at all the people in the first meeting room. Today was the beginning of the month, which was the meeting of all the managers. At this time, her introduction meant that everyone would know that there was such a person in the group!

"This is Ada, my daughter. She purchased the Red Star Hotel five years ago. This time, she will be the special assistant of Carl and acquire the Lin Group!"

Ada looked at her father in astonishment. She just wanted to give a warning to the Lin Family, but she didn't expect that her father would support her to acquire the Lin Group. Although it was only a branch of the Ken Group, it was enough to make the Ken Group suffer a defeat!

"Mr. Naylor, our company just has a cooperative relationship with the construction company. I don't think we should take the risk to acquire the Lin Group!"

"I'm sorry, but I can't agree with you. If my memory serves me right, it's time for our new restaurant to open. Every time we build a new restaurant, we have to assess the partner's recent safety and date, and communicate repeatedly before we can cooperate. But if we have our own construction company, not only is it safe, but more importantly, we can push it by ourselves. We don't have to negotiate with the partner whether to go in or postpone the business! "

Hearing that, Naylor looked at Ada w

a crime!"

"It depends on how you threaten them. If you have the goods on the Ken Group, I think they won't dare to act rashly, right?"

"OK, I see. Besides, you'd better not let others know that we meet!"

"Hey, just leave after you use me up. You really have the same temper with your brother. Don't leave in a hurry. Is Barrie okay with you?"

Ada paused and looked at Peter's side face. "He is not bad. Do you know him?"

"Mack didn't tell you that he worked in the LZ Law Firm?!"

"I remember. It seems so!"

Ada smiled faintly. In fact, she just wanted to hear Peter admit the relationship between him and Mack in person!

"You're still so smart. I'm curious why a smart girl like you would choose a playboy like Carl and have no idea what to do when it comes to Carl!"

"There is a kind of love, maybe in my state. After falling in love, there is no other existence in my eyes. Carl is just like my whole world!"

"Carl is so happy. It seems that I have to make it clear to Mack!"

Peter asked the bartender for a glass of cocktail with low alcohol and pushed it in front of Ada. "I haven't seen you so serious for a long time. The Ken Group is not a threat to you, but if you want to play tricks, you must be careful of their military adviser, Mae!"

"Don't you ask me why I suddenly treat the Lin Family like this?"

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