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   Chapter 273 Miscarriage

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Helen stood up with the help of Ada, "Let's go back quickly. We have been shopping for a long time today. If we keep shopping, it's time for Jackson to call and urge us!"

Helen understood. According to their previous performance, they could still shop for the whole afternoon!

But she felt a little uneasy, so she didn't say anything more!

"Okay, I'll call Aaron and ask him to pick me up!"

Then Irene took out her phone and dialed a number. Someone bumped into her from behind, and the phone slipped and fell downstairs!

Helen turned around angrily and looked at Jessica's face without apology. They hadn't seen each other before, but as a staff of a radio station, Helen had heard of Jessica's name!

"Please apologize, Miss. Jessica!"

Helen looked at the woman in front of her, neither humble nor pushy. She had always been like this. Even if she had nothing, she had to compete with the evil forces to the end. Moreover, she was not alone now!

"I'm sorry, Miss. Irene. I didn't see you!"

Jessica pretended to be coquettish and looked at Irene provocatively. She thought that Irene didn't dare to do anything to her!

"Miss. Jessica, don't be too arrogant!"

Ada looked at Jessica indifferently. She was qualified to yell at the woman in front of her. The Cheng Family had never been afraid of the Lin Family's business!

"Oh, Ada, I haven't seen you yet. You are right. It's not good to be with nobody. I heard that you are really going to be Carl's girlfriend!"

Ada said indifferently, "Yes. It's much better than someone who can't get what she want all her lives!"

Helen praised Ada and thought, 'This words are really powerful!'

"Well, don't tangle with the mad dog. Let's hurry up and leave!"

With the help of Irene, Helen walked forward. Although Irene didn't care much about it, she felt uncomfortable when she saw Jessica's cold face!

"You are right. Let's go!"

It was the first time that Jessica had been ignored like this. Looking at the three women walking gracefully side by side, Jessica felt a nameless rising angry in her heart!

With a big stride, Jessica rushed to Irene, and Irene quickly blocked Helen. However, Jess

friend? Carl looks very anxious!"

"I don't know the details yet, but Barrie may need you to see him for a few days. Mom, I'm going to tell you about this matter, and I want to go to the company. The daughter of the chairman of the Ken Group pushed my friend to the ground today, and maybe the child can't be saved!"

"Are you going to the company?"


"The Ken Group? "

"Mom, although I know it's wrong, my friend is in the hospital now, and her child may be unable to be saved. If this matter is handled by Jackson, it is likely to affect the whole economy of A City, so I have to go back to work!"

"What's the relationship between that woman and Jackson?"

Ada looked at Lauren and forgot that her mother was so sensitive. She pursed her lips and said, "They just got the marriage certificate!"

"Well, I agree you to go to the company. But this time, is it the same as when you just graduated? Just to be a project director?"

"Mom, I want to be brother's assistant this time!"

Looking at Ada's calm face, Lauren thought, 'Ada is a sensible girl, but she doesn't like to haggle with others, so she has developed a calm character. However, if someone dares to bully the person she loves, she will definitely let them pay the price!'

Lauren didn't know how she raised her children. Carl always put him in the appearance of dandiacal, while Ada always treated everything indifferently, but made people pay attention to her!

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