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   Chapter 272 Shopping

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"Go out first."

Subconsciously, Carl took Ada's hand and walked out of the bedroom. Then he quickly walked out of the bathroom with a small basin, which was filled with a small amount of warm water!

"Now I'll let you witness a miracle!"

Carl put Barrie's hand in the warm water and soon Barrie wet the bed. A few seconds later, Barrie woke up. Looking at the mess under him body and the ghost smile on Carl's face, Barrie felt a little aggrieved!

"All right, all right. Barrie, be a good boy and go to change your clothes with me. As for the bed sheet and quilt cover, let your uncle Carl change it!"

Although Ada didn't know the principle, she was sure that the diaper had something to do with the warm water in Carl's hand. Although it is a trick, the problem of Barrie washing his face and teeth would be completely solved in the future!

After breakfast, Barrie was painting on the sofa in the living room. Carl was busy with some work, so he was not in the mood to take care of Barrie. Then Barrie always stood beside Carl!

"Uncle Carl, you're in my way. Uncle Carl, what should I do with this? Uncle Carl... Uncle Carl... "

Finally, Carl couldn't resist the magic sound of Barrie. He turned to look at the innocent Barrie and said, "Come here. I'll give you something interesting!"

Then he found a Transformers and said, "I need to work. If Barrie plays alone, I'll take you to see a Transformers movie tonight, okay?"

"That's great!"

Barrie climbed on the sofa with the Transformers in his hand as if he had got a treasure. Ada changed her clothes and walked out of the room. "Then I'll go first. I have an appointment with Irene and Helen!"

"Well, do you need me to drive you there?"

"Never mind. You and Barrie should be careful at home. I won't come back for lunch!"

"Auntie Ada, what should I eat for lunch? Barrie is still growing."

"Your uncle Carl will take care of you. If you are hungry, you can ask him for help!"

"Well, I'll do aunt Ada a favor!"

Ada smiled and thought, 'What a smart bo

Aaron said gently, looking at Irene innocent face!


In the shopping mall, although the three of them didn't bring men to help them carry their bags, Ada and Irene automatically helped Helen to carry a bag. When they were tired, they sat on the seats of the shopping mall to rest, chatted about gossip and life!

"Jessica, look at that woman. Isn't she Carl's sister? I heard that they have been together. Is it true?"

Jessica and Opal, who were shopping in the mall, inadvertently saw the three people, who were resting in the VIP area. Jessica ignored what Opal was talking about and stared at Irene with her vicious eyes!

Jessica thought that if it weren't for Irene, she wouldn't have been humiliated by Aaron in front of the media!

This time, even Jessica's mother persuaded her to let go!

However, when a person fell in love with another person to the bone, how could she give up loving him? Unless her life was over, her love could be stopped!

"Why do I feel a little cold all of a sudden? It's summer now, but I want to buy some thicker clothes to wear!"

With a faint smile, Irene hid her uneasiness. Looking at Helen in front of her, Irene gently stroked her body and asked, "Helen, what's wrong with you? Are you uncomfortable?"

"Nothing. Suddenly I feel a little comfortable. Maybe it is because that I am pregnant."

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