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   Chapter 271 A New Way To Get Along With Each Other

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Time passed. Ada looked at the time and took the towel from Carl's hand. "I'd better dry it myself. It's getting late. Go to bed after taking a shower with Barrie!"

Looking at the sleeping Barrie on the sofa, Ada slightly lowered her eyebrows and said, "Don't forget to cover Barrie with the quilt at night. Children are easy to catch a cold!"

"I know. You've been talking so much before you became a wife. You'd better go back to your room to sleep. Otherwise, you will become a panda tomorrow!"

Ada yawned and looked at Carl, "Okay, don't forget to ask Barrie to brush his teeth. I'm going to bed!"

"I see. I promise to complete the task!"

Carl raised his hand and saluted Ada. Seeing the cynical look on Carl's face, Ada smiled and was pushed into her room by Carl!

There is a saying that a man who is serious is the most handsome!

"Barrie, get up. We need to take a shower!"

Barrie, who was sitting on the sofa, turned over comfortably, ignoring Carl's soft voice!

Hearing the gentle voice of Carl through the door, Ada pursed her lips and smiled. She didn't expect that Carl had such a side that had not been discovered!

"I am asking you to get up! Do you hear me?"

Carl pinched Barrie's ear. Although his voice was harsh, it couldn't be sensed that he was angry, and the strength of his hand was shockingly small!

Barrie opened his sleepy eyes and looked at the strange man in front of him. He curled his lips and suddenly cried, "Dad, I want to see Dad!"

"Okay, okay. I'm your uncle Carl. Isn't your father on a business trip? We agreed to be obedient!"

Carl coaxed Barrie in front of him in a hurry and thought, 'What a hard job it is! If I have known it earlier, I would not have come to make trouble for myself!'

Ada pushed the door open and saw that Carl looked even more aggrieved than Barrie. She smiled faintly and gloated, "Let me do it!"

"Aunt Ada!"

Barrie jumped down from the sofa and held Ada's leg tightly. Ada's sleepwear was covered with Barrie's snot and tears!

"All right, Barrie. Uncle Carl is bad. Barrie is the best. D

ase, you can marry whoever you like. I like children!"

Carl said helplessly, "Then I'll be single for the rest of my life. What's so good about a little kid? He needs to coax to take a shower, and we need to be tight when he is sleeping. Fortunately, I don't go to work tomorrow. If I need to go to work, I may sign the big order of several hundred million wrong!"

"In fact, you don't have to ask for trouble. I can take care of him by myself!" Ada said.

Ada's implication was that you could leave if you couldn't bear it. Anyway, this was one of the assessment items!

"Am I that kind of person? You don't know me well. I can't handle such a little boy!"

"Well, I'll wait and see!"

Ada stood up and went back to her room. It was unnecessary for her to worry that Carl couldn't take good care of Barrie. She was relieved to see that Carl would rather take good care of Barrie well than sleep!

Ada felt that Carl was reliable!

The second morning, Ada had already got up and prepared breakfast, and the two people in the room were still sleeping. Ada looked at Carl who was sleeping in a zigzag shape. It seemed that he was tired after a whole night!

"It's time for breakfast!"


Hearing Ada's words, Carl got up in a hurry and covered Ada's mouth with his hand. He carefully put his hand under Barrie's body and found out that Barrie really didn't wet the bed!

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