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   Chapter 269 Keep Barrie For Ada

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6576

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After the meal, Ada, who had sent away Jackson, Helen, Aaron and Irene, was cleaning the room. Seeing that Carl was video chatting with his secretary on the computer, Ada didn't stop him until the afternoon!

"Hey, when are you going to leave?"

"What? Shouldn't I stay at home with my girlfriend?"

Carl looked at the house and thought, 'Well, if I move in by then, there will be a place to live even if we have a child. It is not bad.'

"I'm going to the cake shop. Won't you come with me?"

Ada sat next to Carl and looked at his smiling eyes. Since they were back together, Ada felt that he would take a step forward with every step she took backward. Now it seemed that the initiative and passive between them had been reversed!

In the past, Carl didn't care about Ada, but now Ada didn't care about Carl!

"Okay, I'll go with you!"

Carl put the computer aside and didn't intend to take it away. Ada followed him, locked the door and handed the computer to him. "You forgot!"

She had lived with Carl for such a long time, and she was very clear about his tricks. If he left his computer at home tonight, he would definitely go home with her tonight. He would say that he had to deal with work!

"Ada, are you kidding me?"

"I need to treat you like this. Well, let's go!"

Looking at the beautiful and firm side face of Ada, Carl narrowed his eyes slightly. It seemed that he couldn't treat those girls as before to deal with Ada. He had to be sincere and then play a deeper trick!

"Let me drive. Your finger is injured today!"

Ada walked to the side of the passenger seat. Carl found the record and said, "Well, I know you like this song!"

Looking at the attentive Carl, Ada smiled. This life made her feel happy!

When they arrived at the cake shop, a little boy ran out of the shop before Ada got off the car. Barrie held Carl's leg and shouted, "Aunt Ada, do you miss me..."

With a cold face, Carl looked at Barrie under hi


"It's okay. Carl is such a person!"

Ada looked at Mack awkwardly and thought, 'Carl is an adult, but he was still so childish. Although Mack is not several years older than Carl, Mack is much more mature and steady!

Sometimes, people are really incomparable!'

That night, Ada went to Mack's house to pack up Barrie's daily necessities and clothes. The four of them sat in the hotel where the Cheng Group was located. Carl sat the farthest place from Barrie, which was opposite to him. Three people sat beside a huge round table, while Carl sat alone on the other side!

"Barrie is four years old, but sometimes he can still wet the bed, so you have to wake him up at midnight, or you will be washed away on the second day!"

"Okay, I know."

Listening to the introduction of Barrie one by one, Ada felt that Mack was going to settle abroad!

"Hahaha, Barrie, you wet the bed? Shame on you!"

Carl looked at Barrie and laughed as if he had heard a big joke.

Barrie blushed and sat on the table in silence. Ada said, "Barrie, don't be angry. Auntie Ada will tell you about Carl's embarrassment later!"

Barrie made a face at Carl!

"By the way, this is a little money. Barrie will encounter something he likes when he goes shopping. Besides, Barrie's daily expenses are not small!"

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