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   Chapter 268 Move To A New House

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Jackson sat next to Aaron and looked at his indifferent expression. "Hmm, is your thing not good enough?"

"Are you courting death?"

Aaron's eyes lit up. And Jackson added, "Am I right?"

"No matter how good it is. After you are giving birth to a daughter, she will marry my son!"


Aaron said with a faint smile. Although he said so, Irene was not pregnant. It seemed that he still had to work hard!

After chatting for a while, Ada stood up and went to the kitchen. When Irene wanted to help, she was stopped by Aaron. Looking at Carl who stood up and went to the kitchen, Aaron smiled faintly and said, "Honey, don't be the third wheel!"

Holding Helen in her arms, Irene said, "Helen, tell me how it feels to be pregnant. Do you want to eat sour or spicy food?"

Helen said with a shy expression, "Actually, I've only been pregnant for one month. I don't feel anything now! But how did you know I was in the hospital?"

"Speaking of this, Jackson should thank York more. If York hadn't accompanied you to the hospital, Jackson might not have known that you were pregnant!"

While listening to Aaron's words, Helen looked at Jackson and Jackson nodded slightly. "It seems that our SH Media is going to do something."

"What do you think? Even now, York hasn't made a statement, which means that he doesn't want to get Helen involved. How can you not do something?"

"It seems that I have been recorded by the entertainment club last night!"

"Yes, but they obviously know the relationship between you and Jackson, so they didn't give you a direct photo!"

"But how did you know I went to the hospital?"

Aaron glanced at Irene and smiled, "Well, I can't tell you for the time being."

Because of the advanced technology, Aaron had changed some of the functions of Irene's cellphone. For example, the phone call from Zack couldn't be answered within 5 days!

So, there was something that Irene couldn't know!

However, when mentioning Zack

e, Helen rushed to the bathroom and retched. Carl's face turned green. It was first time for him to cook, he wonder why she was so unwelcome.

Jackson patted Helen's back. After a while, he came back and looked at the fish on the table. "We don't have such a big problem with our dishes. Please tell you in advance that this fish is cooked by Carl. You can spit it out at will!"

Looking at the mischievous Jackson, Irene felt that she didn't know the man who was more human. She smiled faintly and looked at Aaron across the table. She felt it seemed to be good!

"I guess this dish was cooked by my husband, right?"

Looking at the fried bamboo shoots on the table, Irene could guess without tasting it!

"Wow, this fried bamboo shoots is really the work of Aaron!"

Carl raised his eyebrows, "It seems that Aaron has cooked a lot at home!"

"This is called spoiling his wife, not like you!"

Ada grumbled and took a bite of the fish, "Well, it's not bad!"

"Irene is Aaron's wife, so he must dote on her. You are not my wife. Falling in love is just like this!"

"Well, I think the date of our love should be longer, don't you think so?"

Ada looked at Carl with a faint smile, and the whole audience burst into laughter. Finally, they saw that Carl was defeated by Ada. This feeling was not bad!

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