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   Chapter 266 Abortion (Part Two)

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They only had one child, and they didn't want their hard-working family business to fall into the hands of others!

"Dad, you know, I have never thought of taking over the family business. I just want to live a simple life every day, isn't it good?"

"But we just let it be. Read the newspaper and you will appear on it every day. Do you like such a simple life?"

York understood what his father meant. He also didn't like to avoid all kinds of media every day. His daily life was magnified infinitely by the media, so sooner or later, he would go crazy!

"During this period of time, I will carefully consider what I want!"

York looked at his father and mother with firmness in his eyes. His wise father always hit the nail on the head, which made him suddenly enlightened!

"Your mother has been thinking about having a grandson for three or four years. You need to realize her dream!"

Looking at his father who was addicted to loving his wife, York felt helpless. He had just praised his father in his heart!

After sending away his parents, York looked at the newspaper in his hand. Yes, for a moment, he did not restrain himself and held Helen into his arms, which was also what he wanted to do subconsciously!

After the negotiation, the two sides had reached an initial agreement to cooperate. When Jackson looked at the person who was making a summary in front of him, his mobile phone vibrated slightly. He lazily picked up his mobile phone and looked at the link sent by Carl. And Carl typed the words 'you must see it.'

Jackson leisurely clicked on the link and read the title, "York accompanied his girlfriend to have a prenatal check-up and the other party was pregnant for more than a month." Jackson raised his eyebrows and thought, 'Isn't it what Miss. Shen had discussed before work today?' And then Jackson raised his eyebrows and looked at Miss. Shen, who was about to make a summary on the stage, and looked down indifferently!

Miss. Shen looked terrified and thought, 'Does Jackson still remember that I discussed the gossip during working hours? I am unlucky. Everyone was talking about it at that

her father would definitely blame her!

Helen sat in the corridor helplessly. Seeing the people who had an abortion were called away one by one, she was at a loss!

When Jackson arrived at the obstetrics and gynecology department, he saw Helen sitting alone in a cold seat. He didn't know if it was over or not. He rushed over and looked at Helen with a slightly red face. "Helen, you..."

Aaron watched the scene in the camera. Fortunately, he had already ambushed in front of them. Looking at the sincere face of Jackson, Aaron wore an evil smile. Jackson was cold since childhood. If he hadn't been accompanied by their playmates since childhood, Jackson might have become an ice sculpture now!

"Honey, it seems that Jackson are serious!"

"It's all his fault. He didn't understand his heart all the time!"

Holding the Irene in his arms, Aaron looked at the trembling lips of Jackson with a smile!

Helen was stunned to look at Jackson, "Aren't you going on a business trip?"

"So, you want to have an abortion when I don't know anything?"

"How... How do you know?"

Without saying a word, Jackson frowned and walked out of the hospital with Helen in his arms. Aaron and Irene followed them all the way!

"Do you know how nervous and excited I was when I knew you were pregnant? Although I'm not ready to be a father, I'm willing to have a try for you. It seems that I haven't proposed to you yet!"

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