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   Chapter 265 Abortion (Part One)

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"You haven't answered my question yet!"

Looking at Jackson's escaping eyes, Helen knew that he had suffered unspeakable harm because of his parents' matter. So she didn't want to force him to make a decision, but the baby in her belly reminded her that they could no longer escape from this problem!

"Helen, you know me. I don't like children and I don't want our children to be hurt!"

"How could it be hurt? Don't you believe me?"

Jackson shook his head and said, "Well, it's late now. Go to bed early. We'll talk about it tomorrow!"


Helen closed her eyes lonely, but she didn't see the sad eyes of Jackson behind her. Jackson looked at Helen sleeping soundly in his arms. He once dreamed of having a child and a happy family of three, but the heroine was not Helen!

He admitted that he almost forgot the existence of Sophie when he was stuck with Helen these days, but how could he easily forget the love deep in his bones when he was young!

He didn't want a child because he didn't know how long he could hold on and how long he could endure. Helen and he seemed to be from two different worlds. He tried his best to hide in the darkness, but Helen tried her best to light in. If this continued, both of them would not be able to hold on!

When Jackson thought of the man who sent her back tonight, his eyes darkened. York was different from him. York had a happy family since childhood and was outgoing and warm. Such a person should be more liked by women!

The second morning, when Helen woke up from her sleep, Jackson had already packed up. Looking at Helen who had opened her eyes in a daze, Jackson smiled and said, "Get up and have breakfast. I'm going to go on a business trip to the United States these days. Be careful at home!"


Helen replied. Seeing that Jackson walked out of the room in a calm and elegant manner, Helen made a decision in her heart that she would have an abortion. If Jackson didn't welcome the child, she would wait until he w

ust friends?'

"Then what do you think we should do?"

"Find out this friend. Since the child is not yours, is it okay to hold a press conference?"

York kept silent. He didn't want to get Helen involved. Besides, according to Jackson's character, he didn't want his girlfriend to appear in public!

"I can't do that!"

As soon as York finished his words, his parents rushed into the room.

"Dad, mom, why are you here?"

Looking at the newspaper in front of York, York's mother walked up to him excitedly and said, "Son, who is girl? You have to propose as soon as possible!"

York rolled his eyes helplessly and said, "Mom, you don't have to worry about it!"

"You have made her pregnant. How can I not worry about it? Listen to me, get married as soon as possible and then go home to inherit the family business. We are so old, it's time to retire to take care of your child!"

"Mother, this child is not mine!"

"What? You can't even control your woman. What can I say about you?"

York's mother looked at her son with disappointment. The hope she had seen hard was all ruined. She wondered when she could own her grandson!

Looking at York's helpless face, York's father sighed slightly and said, "Now your acting career is hindered. Haven't you ever thought of going home to inherit the family business?"

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