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   Chapter 264 Helen Is Pregnant

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Everyone was cheering. Helen picked up the glass and was about to drink, but when she smelled the alcohol, she felt a nausea in her stomach. She quickly ran to the tree aside and began to retch!

"You guys eat first. I'm going to see her."

York stood up, walked to Helen with a bottle of water and a tissue, and patted her on the back gently. "What's wrong? What have you eaten recently?"

Taking the water from York's hand, Helen looked at him with bright eyes and said, "York, I might be pregnant!"

"Ah, I might be pregnant!"

Helen screamed and hugged York. This recognition made Helen a little happy and excited. At the thought that she didn't take any contraceptive measures that day, she thought that she was likely to have a new life in her belly!

York's eyes dimmed as he hugged Helen. The woman York loved was happy because she was pregnant with the child of the person she loved, and York was happy because of her happiness!

"I want to tell Jackson now. Oh! No, I'd better give him a surprise after tomorrow's examination!"

"How about I go with you to have a check-up now? I don't want you to rejoice too soon!"

Looking at the bright smile on Helen's face, York thought it was a good idea to accompany her to have a check-up. If she was really pregnant, she would marry Jackson, and he could give up!

"Is that okay? After all, you are a public figure!"

"It doesn't matter. You are my colleague and boss!"

"Hey, in front of you, I have never felt that I am your boss!"

"Trust me. Your feeling is wrong!"

After saying goodbye to his colleagues and paid the bill, York left with Helen. However, they didn't know that there was a tail following them!

In the hospital, holding the case in her hand, Helen was a little trembling. She turned around and looked at York, "Do you think there is something wrong with me?"

"No, you're going to be a mother soon. Check if your baby is very healthy!"

York looked at Helen with a faint smile. His smile had a magic of healing. Instantly, Helen's blood returned to her body a

od at cooking!"

With a faint smile, Jackson looked at the unhappy expression on Helen's face. He felt that something was wrong with Helen today, as if she had become more like a little woman!

"Well, I agree!"

With a sweet smile on her face, Helen stood up and quickly kissed the face of Jackson. Then she walked into the kitchen with a complacent face and said, "I'll show you what I can do!"

Late at night, Jackson held Helen in his arms. There was a little sweat on Helen's forehead because of the 'fierce movement' just now. Jackson gently sent her hair stuck on her forehead to the back of her ears and looked at the delicate and satisfied face of Helen!

"Jackson, I feel so happy. I look at you every day, so close to you. I feel that my heart is slowly filled with happiness!"

Helen wanted to tell Jackson the good news. The test report was in her bag. She wondered if he look forward to the baby as she did.

"Jackson, I... If I..."

Looking at the stuttering Helen, Jackson pulled her straight and gently sealed her red lips with his lips. His hands began to restless.

Helen pushed him away and said shyly, "Jackson, will you be happy if I am pregnant?"

Jackson looked at the expectation and inquiry in Helen's eyes, the light in his eyes gradually dimmed. Holding Helen gently, Jackson said, "It's getting late. Let's go to sleep early!"

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