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   Chapter 262 Warning

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Sara put down the dishes in her hands and went straight to the front of Iren. "I heard that Aaron would come back today, so I gave the servants a day off. I heard that you are good at cooking. Can you help me in the kitchen?"

Looking at the emotion hidden in Sara's eyes, Irene felt a little resistant. When she was about to nod, Aaron held her hand and said, "Mom, no one has helped you before, haven't they? Besides, Irene is inconvenient now and can't enter the kitchen!"

Aaron's words were ambiguous. With her big eyes wide open, Irene stared at Aaron. He knew clearly that she was not pregnant!

'Pregnant?' Looking at the unnatural blush on Irene's face, Earl felt even colder in his heart. Although he hadn't figured out why Aaron approached Irene, he believed that one day he would use the matter of Irene to get rid of Aaron!

"Irene, are you pregnant?"

"Mom, don't ask my wife. She will be shy. I can go to the kitchen to help you!"

Aaron took off his coat and smiled at Sara. He happened to have something to talk to Sara. However, Sara waved her hand and said, "You'd better stay with Irene. I can handle it myself!"

Seeing Sara disappear at the corner, Owen looked at Earl, who had always been invisible, and said slowly with a hint of expectation, "Earl, your brother has married and will be a father. But you haven't even brought back your girlfriend for me!"

Looking at Earl, Aaron pursed his lips slightly and thought, 'Although I don't know what was on Earl's mind, if he dared to attack Irene, I'll make him die!'

The pain Aaron had experienced when he was young came to his mind again. Looking at Earl's indifferent eyes, Aaron wanted to escape!

From childhood to adulthood, Earl had wanted to get everything that Aaron had. However, Aaron didn't care about anything except for Irene, who was person Earl couldn't get in touch with!

Before the dinner, Irene sat in the room and listened quietly to what Aaron told Owen about the company. Although she was not interested in

am in Sara's eyes, Aaron didn't like this feeling. He frowned and said, "I'll go back first. Irene is waiting for me!"

Then he left without looking back, not noticing Sara's tightly clenched hands and slightly pursed lips!

"Ha ha, I didn't expect him to be so charming when he smiled!"

Before entering the living room, Aaron heard the laughter of Irene. He couldn't help smiling. It seemed that Irene got along well with Owen.

"This photo was taken when he was in primary school. At that time, his mother just..."

"Dad, what are you talking about?"

Aaron suddenly interrupted Owen. He looked at Irene and smiled, "I was really popular when I was a child. Only you didn't cherish such a good husband!"

Hearing this, Irene didn't know what to say and thought in her mind, 'Can he flirt with me so confidently in front of his parents?

I need to ask him how many times he had been in love!'

"Dad, we won't bother you anymore. We will go back first. The room is not decorated. We can't have no place to sleep, can we?"

"Then you can come back to sleep. There is always your room at home!"

Aaron stood up with holding Irene's shoulder. He looked at Owen and said, "Dad, you've been young before. Don't you understand these?"

Hearing that, Owen was speechless and thought, 'Who did teach this child to be so cheeky?'

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