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   Chapter 261 Visit Parents

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Aaron looked at Irene domineeringly. Irene blushed and pursed her lips. When she was about to speak, Aaron picked up his phone and put the video in front of her. "I forgive you this time. If it happens again, I will tie you to me and forbid you to leave me for the rest of my life!"

Looking at the video in Aaron's phone in a daze, Irene was ashamed into anger after a moment of silence. "How did you get it?"

"I'm sorry, honey. I just peeped at your phone, but as a compensation, I can show you my phone," said Aaron in a soft voice, with his forehead down.

Hearing this, Irene didn't know what to say. She turned her head and thought, 'What a shame! I promised to leave him, but he saw the video and saw me being so heartless!'

"Honey, I have said sorry. If you are still angry, I have to pay for it!"

Turning around, Irene said, "Get out. I want to change my clothes!"

Aaron smiled and looked at her red face. "We've been married for a long time. I've seen every part of your body!"

With her face even redder, Irene grabbed a pillow and threw it at Aaron!

Now Aaron looked like a rascal who flirted with a woman, but he was a handsome rascal!

At ten o'clock in the morning, Aaron had breakfast with Irene and they went into the cinema with popcorn. The movie they watched was just the newly released 3D movie, and Irene held Aaron's arm and burst into tears!

Aaron gently patted her head and said, "Well, don't cry. You will see your parents in law soon. Your eyes are red now. Others will think I have bullied you."

"What? To meet my parents in law?"

Hearing that, Irene instantly raised her head from sadness. She looked at Aaron with swollen eyes and blinked, "No, I don't want to see them!"

"But an ugly daughter-in-law needs to see her parents in law. Irene, escape is not the solution to the problem. Moreover, you are so beautiful. I really want to announce to the world that you are my wife!"

Irene kept silent. And she thought in her mind, 'Am I going to meet Sara? I am not ready to meet her, but Aaron

oked at Aaron with her bright eyes. At this time Aaron said, "Dad, we haven't had a wedding yet. You didn't give us red envelopes!"


Owen laughed heartily, stretched out his hand and pointed to Aaron. "When did you become so short of money?"

"I have to earn some money for milk powder. Don't you want to be a grandfather as soon as possible?"

Aaron smiled and looked at the white hair on Owen's forehead. Since Owen got sick last time, Aaron obviously felt that Owen had changed a new way of living. He didn't care about personal gains and losses or even the loss of the company. Instead, he paid more attention to enjoying life.

Aaron looked around the room, but didn't see Sara. He raised his head and asked Owen, "Dad, where's mom? Why didn't I see her?"

"She is in the kitchen. She heard that you are going to have dinner at home, so she is cooking in the kitchen!"

At the same time, Sara walked out of the kitchen with a dish in her hand. When Irene looked back, she saw Sara's stiff smile, as if a fishbone was stuck in her throat. Irene thought in her mind, 'She really doesn't like me!'

"Oh, Irene is here. Why didn't you make it clear on the phone? Aaron. I can prepare more food in advance"

Sara's tone was full of complaints. Aaron smiled faintly, "Well, mom, Irene is our family. You don't need to prepare it specially!"

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