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   Chapter 224 The Connection Between Heart And Soul

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6574

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Jonny looked at Irene affectionately, holding her shoulder tightly with both hands. "Do you know that since I broke up with you, I almost broke down? Olivia ordered me like a lady, without any understanding and comfort!"

"My family don't know what I really think. They just want me to be with Olivia, so that I can live a carefree life in the future!"

"That's good. You know I'm an ordinary girl. I can't give you a high position, and I just want to be with the person I love. Jonny, I used to like you. But I'm sorry, now I don't have any feelings for you anymore!"

Irene knew that it was not love. She had done the same for Jonny. He had chased her for more than a year and tried every means to make her believe his true heart. The good of her was just a sincere exchange!

It's not love!

Because Irene knew that it was totally different from the relationship between her and Aaron. When she was with Jonny, it was as if there was a string in her heart that kept reminding her that she had a boyfriend. After she was with Aaron, she would always think of Aaron, be jealous from time to time, and rely on him like a little woman from time to time!

"But it's not the life I want, either. When I chased you, I often pictured the life after we were together in my mind. I think we will have a child and live in an ordinary house. When I see you smile at me, I feel like I see the only beauty in the world!"

Irene looked at Jonny in silence, and said in a cold voice, "But beauty is not equal to years. Jonny, it's you who are tired of me and noodles cooked by me. So, we are just doing our own things!"

Irene shook off Jonny's hand, turned around and left in silence. She didn't know if she was unwilling or not. She felt sad. She had been with Jonny for four years, but it couldn't eliminate he said, 'I had eaten enough noodles cooked by you!'

Maybe she was too stupid to know that there was a crack between the two people. She thought that a rel

home first. I'm worried about Irene if she stays at home alone!"

What a lame excuse! But it made people warm in someone's heart.

When Aaron drove back to his community, he saw his house in darkness. It seemed that Irene had fallen asleep. Aaron thought, 'She must be very tired after studying the menu today!'

Aaron gently pushed the door open. The warm candle light was emitted from the room, and Irene was looking at her mobile phone wearily.

"You are back!"

After hanging up the clothes for Aaron, Irene took his hand and walked to the table. "Guess what day it is today?"

"Your birthday?"

Irene shook her head!

"Well, we have known each other for one hundred days?"

"No, it's not a special date today. I just want to have a candlelight dinner with you!"


Hearing this, the cold sweat almost came down from Aaron's forehead.

"Aaron, I met a middle-aged couple on the bus today. The woman was fat and noisy, and the man was handsome. Then the woman kept talking about family affairs with the man, and the man responded with a few meaningful words from time to time!"

Looking at the sweet smile at the corners of her mouth, Aaron asked, "Are you envious?"

"Yes, at that time, I wondered if that man had a bad eyesight and why he liked such a woman!"

"And then?"

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