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   Chapter 205 Irene Disappeared

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The shop assistant looked at the woman's clothes and knew that she was the woman mentioned by the manager, so she hurried out!

But in her heart, she was envious and jealous. The clothes in her shop were already very expensive, and this handsome man even put the limited edition clothes in the middle of the clothes, just to give that woman a surprise!

"Irene, are you okay?"

Aaron put his hand on her forehead. The temperature was not high, and there was no fever!

"I'm going to change my clothes. You need to go out," Irene said indifferently, shaking off Aaron's hand.

Looking at the displeased face of Irene, Aaron silently walked out and waited outside the fitting room!

Now there was no one in the store, so Aaron stood in the dressing room!

However, he always felt that Irene was strange just now. He thought, 'Does she notice something?'

After changing her clothes, Irene looked at the gorgeous dress, as if mocking herself. Even if Cinderella wore gorgeous clothes, she would still be beaten back to her original shape after the midnight bell!

She picked up the clothes and walked out of the fitting room. Seeing Aaron standing in front of the door with a worried face, Irene put the clothes in his hand and said indifferently.

"I'll ask you a few questions. You just need to answer yes or no!"

Aaron looked at the serious expression on her face and nodded slightly. He didn't know what he had done wrong!

"Is this dress a global limited edition?"

Aaron nodded, "Yes!"

However, he thought in his heart, 'She really sense something?

It seems that I have made a mistake!'

"Are you the second son of the Zhao Family in the LR Group?"



Irene wanted to ask if Jessica was his fiancee, but Jessica had already shown her the identity just now. There was no need for Irene to humiliate herself!

"Irene, listen to me. I can explain!"

Aaron held Irene's hand and looked at her anxiously. However, the flicker in Irene's ey

n't be afraid of you because you are the second son of the Zhao Family of the LR Group. As long as you bully Irene, I will not let you go!"

Then Helen turned around and left. Ada ran to her in a hurry.

"Helen, I'm sorry. We didn't mean to hide it from you. But you know what kind of person Irene is. If she knows Aaron's identity from the very beginning, she will definitely not marry him."

Looking at the sincerity in Ada's eyes, Helen thought, 'That's right. Irene likes to think about many things. At that time, it took too much effort for Jonny to chase after Irene just because his family background was too ostentatious!'

"Then tell me, what should we do now?"

Helen snorted coldly. As Irene's friend, she must be powerful!

"Find Irene first. After all, she is in danger now!"

Helen nodded and looked at the cloudy evening. She thought, 'Where is Irene now?'

"Think about it first. Where will Irene go when she is in a bad mood? Then everyone will go to find her as soon as possible!"

"She likes to walk along the sea when she is in a bad mood, or have a big meal, or find a place to sleep. Well, that's all."

Hearing this, everyone was silent.

Although Helen pointed out the specific direction, everyone felt that there was no big difference between what Helen said and what she didn't say!

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