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   Chapter 204 Who Is The Mistress

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6320

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Jessica looked at Opal in disgust. She felt bored. Opal had tried her best to fit in with them, but they didn't be willing to be in such a low-end shopping mall.

Jessica glanced around the shopping mall and saw a familiar face unexpectedly.

Jessica thought it was just an illusion, but she still walked into the shop and saw Aaron caressing Irene's hair dotingly!

Jessica had never seen such eyes before!

Sure enough, there is no cold man in the world, but he doesn't want to give you warmth!

Then Irene took Aaron to the promotion area. Although the price was very expensive, Irene could accept it. It was not as expensive as the previous ones!

"Honey, what do you think of this one?"

With a delicate floral dress in her hand, Irene showed it to Aaron. She looked at the disapproval and resentment in his eyes!

"This dress is too young. You have a baby face. I don't want your classmates to say that I'm old!"

With a smile in her eyes, Irene looked at Aaron. Although Irene was thirty years old, he looked as if he was only twenty-six or seventeen!

"Honey, how about this one?"

Aaron casually took out one from the hanger. A look of amazement flashed in Irene's eyes. This dress had a clear and beautiful charm, which did not look mature, but fresh and nifty!

Irene also thought the dress was good. She took out the tag and took a deep breath. "It's too expensive!"

With a gentle look on his face, [Aaron comforted her distressed face, "Honey, I am rich. Besides, I don't want your classmates to think that you will suffer if you are with me!"

As Irene raised her head to look at Aaron, her eyes lit up. If someone else had said this to her, she would have felt that he was pretending. But if that person had been Aaron, she would have thought that this was his original courage!

"All right!"

With the clothes in her hand, Irene walked into the dr

ed a lot of money in you. If my memory serves me right, this dress should be sold in a global limited edition. Such a good time won't last long. If I were you, I would immediately ask for a break-up fee, lest I would be abandoned without anything!"

With her sharp eyes looking at Jessica, Irene said indifferently, "That's enough. Please leave now!"

Jessica smiled, "Please pay attention to your current situation. After all, you are just a mistress. Do you really think he will fall in love with you?"

Although Jessica said so, she knew clearly the position of Irene in the heart of Aaron. Looking at her sharp eyes that flashed just now, Jessica was inevitably afraid. They were too similar!


Jessica snorted coldly, turned around and left!

Looking at Jessica's receding figure, Irene hurriedly took a few steps back and leaned against the door of the fitting room. All her strength seemed to have been drained. She was helpless and confused!

Aaron waited outside for a long time, but he didn't see her. Afraid that she might have something to do inside, he walked into the dressing room regardless of the shop assistant's obstruction. Seeing that she was sitting helplessly on the seat like a lost child, he quickly walked over!

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