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   Chapter 200 Meet Again

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The business of the Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant was getting more and more prosperous, and the manager she had hired recently could easily deal with all kinds of emergencies. Looking at the account book in her hand, Irene began to calculate!

If things went on like this, she could find a new shop and open a branch. The Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant was finally thriving in her hands. She wondered if her father would be proud of her!

While she was calculating with great interest, a shadow appeared in front of her. She looked up at the man standing against the light and tidied up the account book in her hand. "Hello, what can I do for you?"

"Are you Irene?"

Looking at the man's fierce eyes, Irene felt as if she was in hell. She clenched her hands and swallowed unconsciously!

"Yes, I am. Who are you?"

"That's the right person. Your sister, Nancy, signed a gambling debt of two hundred thousand in B City, and now she is in my hands. If you want to redeem your sister, you should take two million to B City as soon as possible. If I don't see the money after three hours, don't blame my friends in B City for being ruthless. Your sister is delicate and tender!"

Looking at the man's cold face, Irene felt like a bolt from the blue. At this moment, her mother's phone call came, and she quickly answered it!

"Mom, what happened?"

"Irene, now only you can save your sister. Someone just came to kidnap her, but your sister said she didn't know these people!"

"Mom, don't worry. Nancy will be fine for the time being. I'll find a way to solve it right away!"

Although she said so, she didn't have any idea. Two million dollars. She didn't have so much money! At this point, she had to call Aaron and let him think of a way!

But at this time, Aaron didn't answer the phone. Irene was s


"Remember, there are still two hours left!"

"I want to hear my sister's voice. I want to know if she is safe!"

Irene didn't notice the approval in Sara's eyes. Although Irene was trembling with nervousness, she tried to keep calm!

In fact, if Irene was not a child of ordinary people, even if she only had half of the property of the Lin Family, Sara would not stop Irene and Aaron!

However, this had always been the way of businessmen since ancient times. They paid attention to families of equal social rank, so that they could develop better!

"Sister, help me. I'm so scared. Sister, they are going to sell me. Sister, help me..."

After Nancy's miserable voice, the phone was hung up. Holding the phone tightly, Irene looked at the woman in front of her!

"Give me three million dollars. I'll sell this restaurant to you. I'll leave right away!"

With a faint smile, Sara took out the checkbook from her bag and said, "I want you to promise me that you will never appear in front of Aaron again!"

Pursing her lips tightly, Irene looked at the restaurant in front of her. It contained all the painstaking efforts of her and Aaron, as well as their beautiful memories!


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