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   Chapter 199 Ambiguous Relationship

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"Well, don't say YES now. Men are all bitches. If you don't accept him, he will definitely pester you!"

Hearing this, Irene was speechless. Helen felt like an expert in love. Irene couldn't help asking, "Did Jackson pester you?"

Hearing this, Helen was choked by her saliva and thought, 'I have never seen someone like Irene sabotage the stage like this. It is indeed different to be spoiled by a man, and Irene becomes somewhat lawless.' And then Helen said, "My situation is different. After all, I am the host of an emotional program, and I have such experience. Moreover, Ada is so smart that she can see the point of others' problem, but she's in a dilemma over her own question!"

Irene agreed with Helen. As long as Carl was involved, Ada couldn't think normally!

Irene had discussed this with Aaron before!

"Well, I won't nod easily if he don't satisfy me this time!"

If Carl knew that every time Irene and Helen would strengthen the psychological defense for Ada, and perhaps Carl would never let them meet again!

Irene Looked at Ada's firm profile and thought, 'It seems that Carl will suffer a lot, but it is time to teach him a lesson!'

After returning the seat, they each drank a little. Carl looked at Aaron, who had never drunk, and asked curiously, "Why don't you drink? Are you controlled by your wife?"

After saying that, Carl took a look at Irene, whose face became red. Irene thought, 'I don't stop Aaron from drinking!'

Aaron put his arm on Irene's shoulder and took her into his arms. "We want to have a child, so I won't drink anymore!"

The public display of affection was so sudden that Carl was speechless!

Irene's face turned red. She thought, 'How can he say it so casually? Isn't it a matter between husband and wife?'

The speaker had no intention and the hearer had intention. Jackson stopped drinking and suddenly realized what had happened last time when he was drunk. He looked at Helen next to him with his sharp eyes. Helen's face was slightly red. After a while, Helen realized that Jackson was

Ada, who used to be fearless and brave, now became a shy little woman!

The moonlight shone on the two people coldly, and the breeze gently stroked them. Looking at the thin clothes on Ada's body, Carl quickly took off her coat and covered it on Ada's shoulder. The moonlight lengthened the backs of the two people, forming an aesthetic appearance!

Early in the morning of the second day, Irene smelled the fragrance of the food from the kitchen. She opened her eyes and looked at an empty position beside her. Then she lay sideways on the position of Aaron!

She didn't know where Aaron got the energy. She was almost torn apart by him!

After tidying up the dishes, Aaron looked at his sleeping wife and walked into the bedroom with a gentle and pampering smile on his face. It seemed that he had exhausted her these days. He should pay attention to her, but his wife was too sweet. He didn't want to waste every good night!

Aaron gently kissed and entangled with her lips until she woke up. He gently hooked his finger on her beautiful nose and said, "Honey, it's time to get up!"

Irene put her arms around Aaron's neck and said, "No way. You have to sleep with me!"

This was probably the first time that she hadn't thought of the restaurant when she woke up!

Aaron was moved and thought, 'Does it mean that I am more important than the restaurant!'

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