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   Chapter 196 Their Happy Life

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"Well, Irene, I want to discuss something with you, okay?"

Seeing the serious expression on Aaron's face, Irene nodded heavily.

"Don't be so serious. It's not a big deal. I thought about it seriously yesterday. How about we have a baby?"

"Why? !"

In fact, Irene had also seriously considered this question. She hadn't enjoyed enough of Aaron's love, and she didn't want to add a rival in love to herself!

"Because I like baby. I want to take care of my child at home!"


Seeing the inadvertent expectation in Aaron's eyes, Irene wanted to get pregnant immediately...

Looking at the crucian soup on the table, Irene felt that her brain was out of circulation. "That's why you cooked the soup for me!"

"Yes, Irene is getting smarter!"

"So, can I say no?"

Looking at the cunning Aaron, Irene swallowed.

Aaron stood up and picked up Irene in his arms. He walked towards the bedroom and said, "You have already drunk my crucian soup. Irene, do you think you can say that?"

Compared with the Aaron's family, which was full of love, the Zhao Family was like the sea covered by dark clouds, as if a storm was about to come!

Looking at Jessica and Mae who were not invited, Sara wondered if they had received the same folder.

"Well, why didn't Jessica tell me that you were here? I can ask Aaron to go home too!"

Hearing Sara's reproachful tone, Mae proudly and nobly took out the folder from her bag and looked at Sara who looked a little pale!

Mae had planned to explore their background, but now it was unnecessary.

"Long story short, Mrs. Sara, I have always treated you as my daughter's mother-in-law. I didn't expect you to treat us like this!"

"Mae, I think you must have misunderstood. The content of this document has to be verified!"

Jessica couldn't help admiring her mother's means when she saw that her mother made the arrogant Sara of the Zhao Family lose her countenance!

Jessica realized th



"What did I hear just now?"

Jackson couldn't believe what he had heard. Looking at Carl's serious nod, he was sure that he had really heard that iron hearted Aaron wanted to be a family husband.

Jackson thought in his heart, 'Oh my God! Who will take such a wicked Irene?

It turns Aaron, a workaholic, into what he is now!'

"Well, I want to be a father. So you two should hurry up. I want to have a son and make an arranged marriage with your daughter!"

Aaron thought, 'Well, I can't give my son less benefits!

After all, he is his son!'

Hearing this, Jackson and Carl were speechless!

Was there no room for manoeuvre?

Carl thought that his daughter had to hide from Aaron's son in the future, 'Well, I have to discuss with Ada when I come back home that we must have a son!

Although I prefer daughters!

Well, what am I thinking just now? Ada hasn't promised my confession yet!

What a pity! I have to confess my love to Ada several times when I get home!

I don't believe that I can't handle this little woman!'

Irene was very busy and happy!

The Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant gradually became famous recently, so no matter it was dinner time or not, there would be guests coming. Sitting at the front desk, Irene carefully checked the accounts.

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