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   Chapter 195 Being Free Is A Blessing

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"Owen, don't do that. The general shareholder's meeting will be held in a few days. The consequences of withdrawing Aaron's position will be unthinkable."

Sara almost knelt down to Owen. She trained Aaron by herself. Although she had obviously felt that Aaron began to resist her these days, in order to gain a foothold in the Zhao Family, she must keep Aaron's position!

Otherwise, she didn't know what her future life would be like if Earl really had the control of the whole situation.

Looking at Earl, who was standing aside and watching coldly, Sara thought to herself, 'I should have been nicer to him before.'

Aaron looked at Owen calmly. No one could tell what he was thinking from his face! Aaron glanced coldly at Sara and raised the corners of his mouth. He thought, 'Won't it be good to have a baby at home for him?'

"Since Dad insists, I will resign all the posts of LR Group, but..." Aaron changed his tone and looked firmly at Owen with his deep and bright eyes as obsidian, "I won't divorce. No matter you admit it or not, Irene is my wife!"

After saying that, Aaron glanced at Earl with a hint of warning and thought, 'I can care about nothing, but if Earl dares to touch Irene, I will make him cry rhythmically!'

With a smile, Earl turned his head and thought, 'Irene? I will destroy her. I will also mark her!

But not now!'

"So, my dear son, don't you feel guilty for what Jessica has done for you?"

Sara thought that she knew Aaron well and he was filial to her. After she let him enter the LR Group, Aaron gave up his dream and entered the LR Group. She wanted him to pursue Jessica, and then Jessica was loyal to him!

"That's your decision. I have never made any promise. You are just deceiving yourself and thinking too much!"

Aaron picked up the documents on the table and looked at them casually. Some of the photos were good. Looking at Aaron's unconcealed tenderness, Sara suddenly found a solution!

The key was that woman, Irene.

"Father, mother, if there's nothing else, I'll go home and go to bed. I'll submit my resignation

ut to push her out of the kitchen, she suddenly smelled a fragrance. She looked at the casserole on the table and curiously looked at Aaron, "What are you doing?"

"Crucian carp soup."

"Why do you cook this in the early morning?"

Murmuring, Irene opened the casserole. Looking at the fresh and white fish soup in the pot, she felt warm in her heart. "When did you get up to cook it?"

"Does it smell good?"

"Honey, you are so good at cooking!"

Without any hesitation, Irene praised him. All of a sudden, she felt that she had found a treasure. She wondered if she had saved many people in her previous life when she met such a good man!

"It will be ready in a minute. You go to wash yourself first!"

Aaron pushed her out of the kitchen and saw her sweet smile. That was what he felt the most meaningful thing!

In fact, it was good not to work. He just accompanied her like this. Looking at the smile at the corners of her mouth and listening to her calling him husband proudly!

Such happiness was probably the best thing!

"By the way, why did you spend so much time cooking crucian soup in the early morning? I remember there is not crucian at home!"

Taking a sip of the crucian soup with satisfaction, Irene looked at the elegant manner of Aaron. She thought that Aaron was just an ordinary driver, why did he always give her a very elegant and noble feeling?

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