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   Chapter 190 Get Married How Is That Possible

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Jessica wondered, 'No? Is this woman having an underground relationship with Aaron? It can't be. They have lived together, and they went on a trip!'

Thinking of this, Jessica couldn't help but feel happy in her heart, 'It turns out that Aaron doesn't pay much attention to this woman.'

"But... my boss, Irene is married." The employee said innocently.

When Jessica heard this, her smile froze on her face. She thought, 'What did this employee say?

Married...? !'

Irene walked out with the noodles in her hands and saw Jessica's dull face. She didn't know what happened. She looked at the employee standing aside, put the noodles on the table and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong?"

The employee didn't know what she had said wrong and shook her head innocently.

"You are married? !" Jessica asked loudly.

Irene nodded and said, "Yes, I'm married. What's wrong?"

Hearing this, Jessica was shocked and thought, 'How could Aaron love a married woman?! What a shame!'

Irene looked at Jessica's big eyes and was confused, 'Is my marriage so surprising?'

Jessica still didn't accept the fact, but when she looked around, she knew that there was something wrong with her expression. She withdrew her chin, smiled awkwardly and explained, "I just didn't expect you to be married at such a young age. I'm just a little surprised."

Irene didn't think too much. Every time she talked to others about this, they were also a little surprised. She had been used to it. She nodded with a smile and said shyly, "Marriage depends on fate. It has nothing to do with age."

Then Irene touched the ring on her right ring finger.

Looking at Irene's shy face, Jessica nodded and followed her gaze to see the ring in her hand...

When Jessica saw the ring, she thought in her heart, 'Well, why do I feel a little familiar?

Isn't this the same one as Aaron's?!

That means...'

So Jessica asked, "May I know your h

s confused.

"Guess it!" Ada took off her apron and looked at Carl with sparkling eyes. Carl came to the cake shop to see Ada during the lunch break today, which really made Ada in a good mood.

Carl's heart was itching to see such a look, and his eyes dodged unnaturally. He was almost sure that he liked Ada now.

This was the first time in his 30 years, but it made him very happy.

It turned out that it was like this to like someone... That feel was not bad.

"Let's go out together." Ada patted the absent-minded Carl and raised her chin to the room outside.

Carl raised his eyebrows. He did want to follow her and see who was Barrie.

Carl's eyes widened when he saw the little boy in Ada's arms. He didn't expect that Barrie was a child!

Standing behind Barrie, Mack looked at Carl not far away. It was the first time that Mack had seen Carl in front of him so face to face.

At the same time, Carl also noticed Mack and raised his eyebrows in confusion. Carl's intuition told him that the man in front of him was not a simple person... At least this man didn't come here to buy bread.

As Carl expected, Ada looked up and saw Mack. She smiled friendly at Mack and thought of Carl. Ada stood up and introduced, "This is Carl, and this is Mack, Barrie's father."

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