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   Chapter 189 Jessica Took The Initiative

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"So... Are you trying to please me?" Aaron sat leisurely on the swivel chair and looked at Earl who was sitting on the sofa.

"It's dad's idea." Earl emphasized.

Hearing this, Aaron snorted.

Regardless of his attitude, Earl picked up the coffee cup in front of him and took a sip. Then he said lightly, "During your leave, the company is indeed a little unstable in private. We have to discuss it carefully."

Aaron frowned. The situation was a little more serious than he thought. For the sake of the company, he had no choice but to cooperate with Earl...

Jessica also heard that Aaron had come back, so she went to the company to look for him.

Aaron was not surprised to see the person at the door of the office.

"Aaron, where have you been before? I can't find you recently!" Jessica said with grievance.

Although she knew that Aaron left with another woman, she didn't dare to question Aaron directly.


Thinking of Sara's words, Aaron replied with one words.

Jessica felt bad. Aaron even lost his job to travel with another woman. It seemed that he had a deep feeling for that woman.

This made Jessica want to find out that woman immediately.

Earl raised his eyebrows when he saw Jessica in Aaron's office. He really underestimated Jessica's endurance. He didn't expect that Jessica didn't take any action now.

After staying in the company for a while, Jessica left. Although she was very angry, she had no place to vent her anger. Thinking of this, she drove the car to Aaron's house unconsciously.

She stared at the gate of the community without blinking, as if she was about to rush in.

But she didn't expect that Irene would come out of the community alone at this time...

Irene rubbed her head and walked slowly.

Irene didn't sleep well last night and was tortured by Aaron till the latter half of the night Thinking of him, Irene blushed and rubbed her waist gently.

If the tendency was like this... It was really possible for her to get pregnant!

But she just graduated from college. She didn't want to be pregnant immediately!

Thinking of this, she went out of the community and bought

the information of the woman in front of her. As the saying went, "Know the enemy and know yourself, fight a hundred battles and win a hundred battles.".

"I just want to know more about this restaurant. Why are you so nervous?" Jessica said with a friendly smile.

But when Irene saw Jessica's smile, she only felt creepy. Don't ask her why, her intuition.

"How do you want to know? Have some noodles?"

"…… I'll eat the noodles later. Are you the manager of this restaurant?" Jessica asked tentatively.

Irene nodded. Now Irene was sure that this woman didn't live nearby. Everyone around knew the owner of the Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant.

Although Jessica nodded thoughtfully, she didn't know how to shift the topic to Aaron.

She was a little anxious.

Irene didn't know what Jessica was thinking. So Irene thought for a while and asked, "What else do you want?"

"…… You'd better make me a bowl of noodles first."

Hearing this, Irene was speechless...

Seeing that Irene walked into the kitchen, Jessica immediately called a waiter over. She waved her hand and asked her to get close to herself. She asked in a low voice, "Does your manager have a boyfriend?"

The employee frowned. Everyone around knew that the Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant was owned by a couple... So she thought, 'Irene's husband should be called boyfriend...'

After thinking for a while, she shook her head and said one words, "No."

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