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Irene was shocked and realized what Aaron meant. So she was shaking her head in Aaron's arms with a red face. But in an instant, she was pressed under him.

Just as she wanted to resist, her voice was blocked between the lips and teeth of the two...

Frowning, Carl looked at Fanny, who was chatting happily with Jimmy, and couldn't help but despise himself in his heart, 'How did I like this woman before?! How could she have such a good chat with Jimmy?'

Suddenly, Carl saw Jimmy put his hand on Fanny's lap. After all, Fanny had been with Carl before. So Carl felt uncomfortable when he saw that. Fanny wore a short denim skirt, revealing

grip, and her sunglasses fell to the ground. She turned to him and asked, "What did you say? !"

The agent said in a low voice, "It's about the gossip. I heard that he said he knew it. And I heard that someone had investigated it before. I was also wondering who it was until I heard what he said just now."

"Well.... He..." Fanny panicked.

"So there should be no possibility between you two. After all, that thing is not good for him. Of course he will blame you."

Fanny bit her lips, but she really liked Carl now.

"But... I can let you get involved with him again." While saying that, the agent waved his phone complacently...

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