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   Chapter 185 Company Crisis

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6786

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Aaron closed his eyes, unwilling to recall what would happen in the future.

In fact, his mother didn't want to tell him these things. It was his mother's good friend who told him after his mother died. In his childhood, Owen did not appear. It was not until they moved back to A City that his mother miraculously met Owen again...

"Let me have a look."

When Aaron opened his eyes, he found that Sara was standing in front of him.

Sara looked at the forehead of Aaron and frowned. It was really serious. It was swollen, and his fresh short hair could not cover his wound at all.

"It must be very painful. Wait a minute."

Aaron didn't say anything. He watched Sara walk away for a few minutes and come back with a small emergency box and a bag. When she approached, Aaron found that the bag was full of ice.

Sara gently put the ice pack on his forehead. When she saw him frown, she sighed, "When you said you wouldn't come back, I was worried that your father couldn't find you and would be angry. When you said you were back, I was also worried that you would quarrel with your father all the time. Why do you always worry me? Just ignore what your father said, okay? Why are you arguing with him?"

Aaron didn't move. His neck followed Sara's movement, but he didn't say anything.

Seeing his response, Sara frowned and continued, "He hasn't been in good health these days. What if he gets sick because of anger? Can you afford it?"

When Aaron heard about Owen's illness, he finally reacted. He rolled his eyes and sighed in his heart. No matter what Owen did, he was his father. No matter what Owen did that made him disgusted, as a son, he couldn't be unfilial.

Aaron looked up at Sara and asked in a low voice, "How is my father?"

"The doctor said that he had a bad heart recently. Maybe he was a little anxious for the company's general shareholder's meeting and had a lot of things to deal with."

"What is he worried about?" Aaron frowned.

Putting down the ice pack, Sara looked at Aaron and

re could she go.

Ada put Barrie on the chair and turned to get Barrie the toasted bread.

Sitting next to Barrie, Mack looked at Ada's busy back and couldn't help asking, "I heard that you went on a trip? How was it? Did you have a good time?"

Ada put the bread and cakes on the table. When it came to travel, her face was full of sweetness. "It's good. We went to the seaside. The scenery is very good. You can go there if you have time, but... It's also important who can travel with you." She even blinked her eyes when she said the last sentence.

Mack knew what Ada meant and forced a smile. There were two underlying meanings in this sentence. One was to suggest that the person who went with her was very important, and the other was... Ada didn't like Mack at all and even encouraged Mack to find a girlfriend.

Although Mack had already practiced the skill of camouflage, he still felt that he needed to practice.

The bitterness in Mack's heart was almost revealed from his expression, and he could only hide it by lowering his head.

He was right. Ada did have this intention. She always thought that it was good for Mack and Barrie to find a good woman.

Although he was responsible for Barrie, his feeling for Barrie was different from his mother's. There was a distinct difference between father's love and mother's love.

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