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   Chapter 183 Rumors

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Irene pursed her lips. She really didn't want to have any contact with Jonny now. She just wanted to live a good life with Aaron.

"It's okay. Don't worry about him."

They nodded obediently. Since their boss had said so, what else could they say.

Carl and Ada went home together. They talked to Lauren on the phone before they got on the plane. Knowing that they were coming back, Lauren had been sitting on the sofa waiting for them. Seeing them coming in, she rushed up to them.

"Oh, you are finally back. I didn't feel anything when you were at home. I felt empty for several days after you left. Anyway, I didn't feel well."

Ada sat back on the sofa with a smile on her face. She rubbed Lauren's shoulder affectionately and said, "Mom, I miss you too."

Carl came in with two suitcases. Seeing him, Lauren teased, "Your skin becomes dark. It seems that you have a good time."

Carl and Ada looked at each other. Ada's face was slightly red. Thinking of what Carl had said to her in Bali Island, she was in a good mood at this time. She turned to look at Lauren with a smile and pouted, "Is my skin dark too?"

Lauren looked at Ada up and down and said, "My daughter is beautiful no matter what. No matter whether your skin is black or not, you are the most beautiful."

"Am I also the most handsome?" Carl came over and made two poses.

The two of them were amused by his action.

They chatted about their daily lives. Noticing that Ada was a little tired, Lauren thought of the long flight they had taken before, so she stopped the topic and let them go upstairs to rest.

Ada nodded and stood up to pull her suitcase. But when she was about to touch it, Carl suddenly grabbed her suitcase. She looked up at him and saw Carl looking down at her with a smile. "Let me do it."

Ada was stunned and blinked her big eyes. Then she came to his senses, turned around and hurried upstairs after saying goodbye to Lauren.

l thinking. But... If you say so, it's possible. After all, he has been very happy sometimes recently. His smile, tut, is really like a man's smile in love."

As soon as Kelvin was in at work, he heard a few women gossiping about his boss. According to his experience last time, he felt that he couldn't help the evildoer any more. He clenched his fists and coughed to remind the people who were talking excitedly.

All of a sudden, they turned around and were startled to see Kelvin. They scattered in a hurry and lowered their heads, pretending to be working. After all, Kelvin was a subordinate of Aaron. It was really a bit unlucky for them at this time...

Seeing their reaction, Kelvin shook his head helplessly. When he was about to teach them a lesson, his phone rang.

When he saw it was Aaron, he answered it in a hurry, "Mr. Aaron."

The women were all shocked when they heard the name. Aaron had specifically warned people in the company not to gossip about the boss and the people behind him.

They all looked at Kelvin with begging eyes, fearing that he would tell Aaron about it right away.

But now, Kelvin was not in the mood to think about them, because Aaron's tone at the other end of the line sounded not very good. "Where are you? Come to my office right now."

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