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   Chapter 177 Something That Could Give Birth To Children Happened

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"Of course..." The man nodded his head repeatedly, fearing that even Earl would not believe him.

No matter whether the man was telling the truth or not, Earl had already made up his mind. He snorted in his heart, but didn't show it. He just smiled and patted the man on the shoulder, "I just said it casually. Why are you so nervous? I believe that we can have a good cooperation in the future."

The man bowed and nodded, leaving Earl's office. He leaned against the wall at a corner, feeling a little exhausted.

It was more tiring to talk to Earl than running 2000 meters...

However, he had to think about the current situation carefully. It was obvious that Earl had discovered that he had hidden something from him, but it was not easy to deal with Earl, and it was also difficult to deal with Aaron... He remembered that last time when Aaron saw him having a hot lunch at the door in summer, Aaron asked him to eat noodles...

Although he refused Aaron in the end, he still felt Aaron's kindness!

What a tangle...


Of course the people on the other side didn't know what was going on here, but the situation there was also very... complicated.

Sophie had something urgent to deal with and had to go back home, so she invited Aaron and others for dinner tonight. But the situation at the table was a little embarrassing.

Irene tilted her head and looked at the two people who were obviously abnormal. She poked the arm of Helen and asked, "Did you quarrel with Jackson?"

The two of them were fine yesterday, but why was the atmosphere so strange today.

Helen twitched her mouth and shook her head.

She didn't know how to explain. She didn't quarrel with Jackson, and something more intimate happened, but the meeting was more embarrassed than before!

Helen couldn't help blushing as soon as she saw Jackson today. Although she had been very active, she didn't know what to say at the first meeting after that.

surprised, "Did you drink last night?"

"Last night, you went back to your bridal chamber first. We drank a few more glasses to celebrate your romantic plot." Ada teased.

When it came to the bridal chamber, Irene blushed. She stared at Ada shyly and retorted, "You just want to drink!"

Ada smiled but didn't say anything. She looked at the really bad face of Helen and said, "But if it's not because of drinking, then what's the reason?"

Looking at the two women in front of her, Helen sighed helplessly. In fact, it was impossible to hide it. Perhaps the two men outside had already known it!

"…… I did that with Jackson last night." Helen lowered her head and whispered.

"What?" Irene asked, "What did you do?"

"It's that!" Helen raised her voice.

Ada looked at her and frowned. She didn't understand what she meant, but why was she so shy? It was the first time that she had seen such an expression on Helen's face.

"Oh, I'm so worried. Can't you just say it? !"

Helen looked around and found that there were only the three of them in the bathroom. "It's just that something happened between you and Aaron last night!"


Ada and Irene were stunned.

"You mean... something that could give birth to children happened between you and Jackson! !" Irene shouted.

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