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   Chapter 176 Betrayal

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Only then did Helen realize that her waist was a little soft.

Although she had done a lot for the relationship between her and Jackson, she still felt sad when she opened her eyes and found herself alone in the room after such a thing happened...

She sat on the edge of the bed and sighed. She didn't know that Jackson was standing outside the door, hesitating whether to come in or not.

Looking at the closed door in front of him, Jackson wondered if the person inside had woken up at this time, but she had a good sleep when he left...

He looked down at Helen's favorite porridge in his hand and stepped back. He sighed and turned around to his room.

If Helen woke up at this time, how could he face her?

If Helen still didn't wake up at this time, how could he face her when she got up and opened the door for him?

Alas, he thought he'd better sort out his feelings first...

Although he didn't like Helen, he knew that she was a good girl and couldn't be treated casually.

In a daze, Irene opened her eyes and saw Aaron leaning against the bed, typing on the keyboard.

It was said that a serious man was the most handsome, and this was true. At least, in Irene's eyes, Aaron was very handsome now. No male star could compare with Aaron. Although he was a man, his eyelashes were still long, and as his eyes blinked, like a small fan stirring up a soft wind in her heart, and his jaw line looked extremely sexy, which reminded her of what happened last night...

She was so shy that she pulled the quilt subconsciously.

"Are you awake?" Aaron asked softly as he keenly felt her movements.

"Okay..." Irene avoided eye contact with Aaron and didn't dare to look into his eyes. She thought that as soon as she looked into his eyes, she could imagine how enthusiastic Aaron was last night... Then her face was like burning.

Irene's reaction was as expected. Aaron smiled. He had thought that he could work in the living room, but he wanted

out saying a word... So I think..."

"Humph!" Earl interrupted him with a snort, "You think? What do you think know? I remember that I have told you that you must tell me about Irene's thing."

"But... I went to the airport with them. I couldn't have bought a plane ticket and fly with them..." The man's voice was getting lower and lower, because he peeked at Earl's face, which was getting darker and darker...

Earl knew that the man in front of him was obviously hiding something from him, which meant that he might have been discovered long ago...

"Well, you can leave now. Just keep an eye on them every day as before. If they come back, you can tell me as soon as possible."

The man was finally relieved after hearing what Earl said. So he nodded in a hurry and stepped back slowly.

When the man was about to reach the door, Earl suddenly called him. Earl stood up from behind the desk and walked slowly to him. He tilted his head and said slowly with a smile, "I always trust you. I think our cooperation is very pleasant. What do you think?"

The man's heart was filled with alarm, and his head was almost sweating. He was so nervous that he didn't know where to put his hand. Although Earl was smiling, in his opinion, he always felt that Earl could stab him with a knife the next moment.

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