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   Chapter 174 You Two Are Really Good Friends

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6733

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Hugging a woman who moved obediently in his arms, Jackson thought it would be abnormal if he didn't have any reaction. After all, he was a normal man...

He tried to push Helen away, but Helen seemed to stick to his body.

Feeling that the alcohol he had just drunk was also working, Jackson felt a little dizzy. He lowered his head and looked at the woman who was squinting and holding him. He warned in a hoarse voice, "Woman, don't regret if you hold me again."

The only feeling left in Helen's mind was that she felt so comfortable in Jackson's arms. So she didn't listen to Jackson seriously at all. She just nodded with a smile.

Looking at her soft face in the moonlight, with her long eyelashes slightly upturned and her lips still wet, Jackson finally couldn't help but lower his head and kiss her...

When Aaron woke up, he felt refreshed. The girl in his arms was still sleeping soundly. He lowered his head and kissed her forehead. He thought that Irene's little snore was very cute now. Thinking that she was very tired last night, he'd better not wake her up.

At the thought of this, he gently withdrew his arm from Irene's neck, but accidentally pulled her hair.

However, Irene just frowned and fell asleep before she opened her eyes...

Aaron smiled. The person who usually got up on time at 6 o'clock was still sleeping at 9 o'clock. It seemed that she had really exhausted a lot last night. Thinking of this, he bowed his head and kissed her on the side face. Then he pulled up the quilt and left.

After washing up, Aaron opened the door and was about to go upstairs to bring some breakfast to Irene. When he closed the door, he saw Jackson coming out from the opposite.

Aaron was stunned and thought, 'Isn't that the room of Helen?'

Jackson didn't expect such a coincidence! Seeing Aaron at the door, Jackson felt a little embarrassed and avoided eye contact with him.

Aaron looked at Jackson opposite him up and down, with a suit jacket in his hand. The shirt he was we

ully tidied up, and his expression returned to his usual calm. He slowly walked towards them step by step. A simple gray shirt made him look like a noble.

Carl pursed his lips and looked at Jackson, muttering, "I feel that his temperament has been sublimated..."

The aloof man became even more "gorgeous" after going through that. Although Jackson's eyes were cold, he looked at others with a feeling of flirtation.

Thinking of this, Carl turned to look at Aaron, who was eating elegantly opposite him, and carefully observed the difference.

Noticing that Carl was looking at him, Aaron raised his head and was about to ask, but the chair next to him was pulled open, and then a shadow leaned over and sat down.

He turned his head to look at Jackson who was standing in front of him. Seeing that Jackson, Aaron raised the corners of his mouth and pushed a plate on the table to Jackson. "This is your favorite food I just picked for you. You should replenish yourself with nutrition."

Jackson put his phone on the table and raised his eyebrows to look at Aaron. How could he not understand Aaron's ridicule? Not to be outdone, Jackson raised his hand and pushed the plate in the direction of Aaron. He smiled and said, "Don't say that. You also need some supplement! After all, you've been holding it back for so many years."

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