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   Chapter 172 Bridal Chamber

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Irene and Aaron kissed each other deeply, but when they heard laughter behind them, Irene was shy and pushed away the man in front of her.

Aaron let go of her reluctantly, but he still held her in his arms and looked at the two men and women in front of them sourly.

Looking at the dark face of Aaron, Carl ridiculed, "We just gave you a romantic night, but now you treat us like this. I'm so sad!" Carl covered his chest as he spoke, with a painful expression on his face.

They couldn't help laughing when they saw him like this.

Carl was like a living treasure.

Aaron was amused by his words. He laughed and scolded, "Can you pretend a little more?"

Carl grinned and stood straight.

The sea breeze at night was particularly gentle. They played on the beach for a while. Aaron left with Irene in his arms. The rest was left to Jackson and Carl to take care of.

At this time, Jackson couldn't help complaining, "Is there any show that he can't wait to return to his room?"

Looking at the backs of the two people, Carl whistled and smiled, "Maybe."

No wonder they had known each other for so many years. They were right.

As soon as the two entered the hotel room, Irene saw light in the living room before she turned on the light. She looked back subconsciously and saw Aaron looking at her with a smile.

Irene seemed to have got the permission and turned around to walk forward. She saw a string of colorful bulbs arranged in a heart-shaped shape, with red rose petals in the middle, and a square box on the petals.

Irene squatted down to take the box, but she was reluctant to open it. She was really moved by what Aaron had done for her today.

Looking at Irene squatting on the ground, Aaron was amused. He gently pulled her up and let her sit on the sofa. He put the box on her legs and gently said, "Irene, open it."

Irene looked at Aaron's bright eyes, bit her lips and opened the box.

A necklace lay quietly in the box, with a purp

the alcohol was not low...

Aaron looked at Irene who was leaning on his shoulder. Her face was flushing and her eyes were blurred. Her lips, which were moisturized by red wine, looked delicate and charming.

He could not help feeling hotter and hotter, and clearly felt the change of his body.

He had planned to drink for his courage, but he didn't want to get Susan drunk.

"…… Honey, you can't get drunk so soon today. We have something important to do later." Aaron whispered in Irene's ear.

Hearing the hoarse voice of Aaron, Irene was stunned. Her face turned red and she pretended to be ignorant. "What important thing do you want to do?"

Aaron looked at her red ears and chuckled, "What do you think?"

Irene was a little annoyed by his smile. She sat up, pushed him and whispered, "I don't know..."

Aaron seized her hand, put his arm around her waist, and said in a deep voice, "It doesn't matter. The night is long. I can tell you slowly."

Irene seemed to be tempted by Aaron's hoarse voice. She looked up at him but couldn't take her eyes off him.

His usual gentle eyes were now full of undisguised desire, and the smile on his lips made him look evil and charming, like a leopard staring at its prey.

So when he kissed her, Irene opened her mouth to welcome him subconsciously...

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