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   Chapter 171 The Prince Of The Piano

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6800

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"Where is it? Why haven't we arrived yet? Where did you see the news?" Irene asked in confusion.

After dinner, Aaron went to somewhere else. She called him several times, but he didn't answer. When she was wondering, Ada and Helen came to her, and then she forgot it

The two girls excitedly held her hand and told her that there was a small party behind the hotel today. They said that all young people would attend it and insisted on taking her there.

Of course, she also wanted to join in the fun. Anyway, there was nothing important, but she was a little upset that she did not seem to have clothes to attend that kind of occasion.

However, Ada seemed to have seen through her. Miraculously, Ada took out a white gauze evening dress and handed it to her. Ada said that she just brought it from home, and it came in handy unexpectedly.

At this moment, she followed the two people to the beach behind. She vaguely saw that the beach was a little bright. When she was about to say that she wanted to go to have a look, the two people beside her seemed to have discussed with each other and said that they wanted to go to the bathroom. Then they ran away, leaving Irene standing there, dumbfounded.

Looking at the backs of the two people, she couldn't help but mutter, 'What's going on?'

Suddenly, there was a sound of piano on the beach in the distance. Irene looked over there curiously.

Finally, she couldn't restrain her curiosity and walked over to see what was going on.

Irene had been worried that it was inappropriate for her to walk on the beach in high heels, but she didn't expect that there was a red carpet on the ground when she walked forward. There were little candles on both sides of the carpet, and the bright light of the fire spread all the way.

Irene walked forward gently on the red carpet. After a while, she felt something wrong, but when she saw the clearer and clearer the man in front of the piano, she just wanted to get closer, closer...

Slowly, she finally stopped at a place 5

words on the Internet were right.

"No one is aloof, but you are not the one whom he want to warm."

Ada was also envious of the two people hugging together. If Jessica saw him doing this for another woman here at this time, she would be crazy...

"Honey, why are you so kind?" Irene put her arms around Aaron's neck and acted like a spoiled child.

"I can still be better. You will know it in the future." Aaron kissed Irene's hair and said in a deep voice, "Irene, I'm sorry that I haven't given you a wedding. This is what I can do for you now. I will do more for you in the future. I will definitely compensate you with a grand wedding."

Irene raised her head and looked at him. Her eyes turned red. She choked with sobs and said, "That's enough."

She meant what she said. She remembered all the good things that Aaron had done to her since they got married. He had taken good care of her, helped her hide her mother, and bought a house to please her mother.

Although they got married in a flash, their relationship was not a little worse than those accumulated feelings.

Seeing that Irene's eyes were wet, Aaron lowered his head as if he was bewitched. He gently kissed her eyebrows, eyes, nose and finally lips.

Feeling his tenderness and love, Irene opened her mouth and let his tongue get into her mouth and kiss her deeply.

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