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   Chapter 167 How Long Are You Going To Stay

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Garnet followed Aaron's hand to see and smiled, "Is this your partner?"

Aaron nodded, "Don't frighten her later."

Garnet pouted and whispered in Jackson's ear, "I've only been abroad for a few years. How could he change his character so easily?"

Jackson just smiled without saying anything.

Irene came out of the water and walked slowly to Aaron. Because of the water, the swimsuit was not exposed, but clung to Irene's body, outlining her beautiful curve, and her charm was no less than Garnet's.

Aaron glanced at her, frowned, picked up a large bath towel beside and wrapped it for her. He glared at the men around her who were looking at her.

Garnet was amused by the nervous look of Aaron, but she held back her laughter. If she laughed at this time, she would make a fool of Irene.

Aaron introduced, "This is Irene, my wife. Irene, this is Garnet. We have known each other for a long time and have a good relationship with each other."

Hearing this, Irene dispelled the doubts in her heart. She smiled sweetly and said, "Nice to meet you, Garnet."

Garnet was also satisfied with Irene. Besides, Aaron had a good taste. She nodded with a smile.

"Oh, I forgot to ask. Are you also here for a trip?" Jackson asked curiously.

Garnet nodded, "Yes, I am here with my family."

Hearing this, Jackson's eyes lit up.

Hearing this, Aaron also looked at Jackson.

After chatting with them for a while, Garnet left. Irene and Aaron were sitting on the deck chair, while Jackson was a little restless next to them. When Irene was about to ask him what happened, he stood up and ran away.

Irene curiously looked at Jackson's anxious back. It was the first time that she had seen him so anxious...

"What's wrong with him? !" Irene couldn't help but ask to Aaron.

"He had other things in his mind." Aaron looked at the direction in which Jackson left and replied indifferently.

Hearing this, Irene was speechless...

Jackson strode towards the direction where Garnet had left, but at a fork in the road. He looked in two completely opposite directions, but there was no one

o longer the little girl who liked to follow him every day. The old-fashioned and quirky expression on her face disappeared, and was replaced by gentleness and generosity, like a mature woman. .

Seeing the tall man standing in front of her, Sophie also stood up, but she still had to look up at him and smiled gently, "Long time no see, Jackson Jiang."

Garnet didn't know what had happened between the two, but when she saw the atmosphere between the two, she felt something wrong... She felt that they were very distant. But they grew up together as good friends before!

In order to lighten the atmosphere, she joked, "Why do you still call him full name? I still remember that you always called him dear Jackson when you were a child. No matter how angry he was, you didn't change."

Sophie twitched her mouth and said, "I was too naive at that time. Sister, don't make fun of me, who was so silly at that time."

However, Jacksoncouldn't smile. Although he hated this title at that time, he still missed it very much.

"Do you eat by yourself? Do you want to sit with us?" Garnet asked.

Jackson replied, "They are coming up soon. I can go with them. Are you... Are you travelling here?"

Garnet nodded and smiled, "I came a day earlier than her. She just arrived today. The two of us came out to relax."

"How long are you going to stay?"

"It's not settled yet," Sophie replied.

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