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   Chapter 163 The Late Princess

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 7012

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This made York feel very warm. Although Helen looked careless on the surface, she was actually observing the mood of the people around her carefully.

For example, he had controlled his emotions well today, but she still found it.

Today, his father criticized him for watching his advertisement on TV, because his father didn't want him to continue to stay in the entertainment circle.

Although he could get whatever he wanted from his family, what was the point of not living the life he wanted?

If he lived life like this, he was not as good as an ordinary person.

So he suddenly wanted to try the life of ordinary people. Because of his family education, he used to go to high-end restaurants, so he had never tried to go to a night market like this.

So he thought of Helen today.

Thinking of Helen, he couldn't help smiling. She was really an interesting person.

When Helen got home, she washed her face and rinsed her mouth. Then she lay on the bed and called Irene back.

"You arrived at home now!? Tell me who you are dating!" Irene's question came through the phone.

The more Irene thought about it, the more suspicious she became. The fire of gossip was burning.

"Who can I be with! York." Holding a pillow in her arms, Helen said casually.

Irene sat up and shouted, "Wow, I smelt the smell of adultery."

"Screw you! Don't think too much. I think he just wants to go to the night market, and I'm the only friend he has, so he asked me to go there."

Irene didn't believe what Helen said.

"Do you want to travel with us?"

Helen didn't know what to do. She just recovered from her illness. It was strange for her not to go to work, but she was still tempted to go with Jackson.

"Hey, do you fall in love with York and want to abandon Jackson? !" Irene couldn't get any response from her and teased her.

"No, I didn't. I just want to go to work."

When Aaron came back from the study and heard Irene's words, he asked indifferently, "Did she say that she wouldn't go?"

Irene covered the microphone and said in a low voice, "She said she might

er head and kissed his chin. Leaning against his chest, she wrapped her arms around his waist and said softly, "Good night."

Aaron also held Irene in his arms tightly, kissed her on the head, and replied softly, "Good night."

In fact, he didn't say that Bali Island was actually his dream...

It had nothing to do with celebrities. He had made some friends in business, and he had attended several weddings of good relationship, all in Bali Island... So every time he went there, he was envious of them. Although he was not sensitive to this kind of thing, as time went by, he involuntarily took him place and imagined if he would hold a wedding in such a beautiful place in the future.

He and Irene had been married for a while, but they just got the marriage certificate. And they were not a real couple, although he was not in a hurry...

But they didn't even hold a wedding ceremony, which made him feel that he owed his girl. This feeling became stronger after he went to her home.

Irene shouldn't have been so tired. She shouldn't have carefully taken care of the mood of her mother and sister. She should have had a good childhood, and she should be the princess in the palm of her parents...

Although everything had become a fact and he couldn't change it no matter how powerful he was, what he could do was to make Irene live a happier life and become a "Late Princess".

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