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   Chapter 157 Nancy Admits Defeat

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 7022

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Bonnie walked into the room with dishes in her hands. When she saw Nancy sitting on the sofa, she asked casually, "You are awake?!"

"Yes," Nancy turned around and made a sound with her nose.

Ignoring Nancy's attitude, Bonnie took off her shoes and walked into the kitchen to put down the dishes. Irene also came in and wanted to help, but she was pushed out by Bonnie.

"You haven't eaten the food I cooked for a long time. Have a rest and let me do it today. Aaron is still outside. Just stay with him."

Irene wanted to retort, but she held back when she heard it. She looked at the two people outside who were a little embarrassed and thought it was reasonable, so she went out.

Looking at the three people outside, Bonnie sighed. They had to figure it out themselves. She had done everything she could and said everything she could.

Irene walked out of the kitchen and saw Nancy still eating the apple as before, but Nancy's slightly shaking legs still showed her uneasiness.

Not to mention Aaron, he was playing with his phone. Irene always knew that Aaron didn't like playing with his mobile phone the most.

She looked at the two and slowly walked to Aaron and sat down.

Irene gently touched him and asked in a low voice, "What are you doing?"

"Play the game."

Irene was speechless...

Looking around at the two people, she was a little anxious!

Irene coughed and slowly moved towards Nancy, "Did you go out last night?"

Nancy glanced at Irene and said, "Yes."

Irene was happy to hear Nancy's reply. This was the first step to success.

"Well, mom and I went to see the house this morning. We have already bought it, so we may have to go back to A City tomorrow. As for the remaining decoration, please help mom... She is too old, don't let her worry about it."

Although Bonnie was cooking in the kitchen, she kept an eye on the outside and was ready to rush out if there was a fight outside...

But she didn't expect that Irene would say so. Suddenly, many feelings welled up in her heart.

Nancy said impatiently, "Isn't your mother my mother?! It


After cleaning up the table, Bonnie thought of something and said to Irene, "You can take Aaron to see your father tomorrow. Your father hasn't known about your marriage yet. He must be very happy if he knows."

Irene knew that Bonnie really recognized Aaron now, so she was happy and nodded in a hurry.

After finishing the bowls, Bonnie walked out and saw Irene and Aaron off.

They went downstairs. Irene turned around and pushed Bonnie with a smile. "Mom, you can go back now. We'll arrive soon."

Looking at Irene's smiling face, Bonnie hesitated for a while and said, "Your uncle and aunt's tombs are around your father. You... You can go to see them."

Irene didn't think too much and nodded. She hadn't seen her uncle and aunt for a long time.

However, when Aaron heard this, his eyes lit up.

After driving back to the hotel, the two of them lay on the bed. Aaron couldn't help but ask the question that had been hovering in his mind.

"Who are your uncle and aunt? Why didn't you mention them?"

Irene was playing with her phone and replied casually, "My uncle and aunt were good friends of my mother and my father when they were young. I don't know the details. But since I could remember, my mother or my father would take me to their graves every year."

"Have you ever been curious about them? They don't have to visit their good friend every year, do they?"

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