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   Chapter 155 Who On Earth Is So Attractive To You

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6464

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Aaron turned around and saw that Irene and the old man were chatting happily. He pressed the answer key.


"Where are you? Can you go home now?" Sara went straight to the point.

Aaron frowned, "What's up? I'm not in A City now."

"What? Where have you been? !"

Aaron looked at Irene in the distance and said, "I have something to deal with in B City. What's wrong? Is there anything important?"

Sitting on the chair, Sara touched the teacup on the table in front of her and said, "Today, Jessica came to me to talk about you."

Hearing this, Aaron felt a little indifferent and said casually, "you don't need to tell me anything."

Anyway, it was their 'daydream!

But Sara was not happy. Why didn't she tell him?!

"Can you face up to your problems? Last time she came to our house for dinner, but you didn't come back. Do you know how embarrassed she was at the dinner table?! She didn't blame you, but now you challenge her limit again and again. She won't give up? !"

Aaron snorted, "Then why hasn't she given up? I'm waiting for her to give up."

Sara was so angry that she almost had a heart attack. "Don't think that I don't know that you have hidden a woman in your apartment. She has been with you for months. I thought you were playing, so I didn't say anything. Now it's such a critical time. You and Jessica should get married. What are you playing with? Cut off all your fun."

Aaron was not surprised to hear Sara mention the woman in the apartment, but he didn't care much about it. "We are serious. Nothing happened between Jessica and me for so many years. I have told you very early that I won't marry her. Now I will tell you for the last time. If I get married, I will marry the woman in the apartment instead of Jessica, who you talk about every day."

Sara was so angry that she threw the teacup to the ground and shouted, "What did you say?! Who are you going to marry? !"


. She looked a little flustered, "I'm sorry, madam. I really didn't hear..."

"Now I've told you. You know that?"

The nanny hurriedly nodded, "Yes, I know."

Sara glared at her, "Then go!"

The nanny nodded, "I'm going now." The nanny bypassed Sara and walked out.

Looking at the nanny's stooping back, Sara turned around and went upstairs.

Owen was reading a book in a rocking chair in front of the French window. Seeing Sara come in, he took off his glasses and asked in a deep voice, "What did you say downstairs just now?"

"…… Nothing. I just asked the nanny to clean up the back garden."

Owen didn't reply and pursed his lips. He closed the book, stood up slowly, walked to the bedside, lifted the quilt and lay down.

Seeing the silence of Owen, Sara felt that life was getting more and more depressing. She couldn't help but sigh and slowly walked over to lie on the other side.

Turning off the bedside lamp, Sara couldn't fall asleep, which finally affected Owen.

In the dark night, Owen said in a low voice, "What's wrong with you? !"

Sara was startled when she heard Owen's voice. She stammered, "I... I'm fine."

"Why don't you sleep well? It's almost midnight now." Owen looked out of the window at the white place in the distance and frowned.

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