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   Chapter 153 Bonnie Persuaded Nancy

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Irene looked at the two people who were in a stalemate and felt a little uncomfortable. After all, it was her fault. She shouldn't let the two of them have conflict.

She walked up to Nancy and said sincerely, "Nancy... It's my fault. I know it's too late for me to say anything now, but I didn't mean it. Don't be mad at me."

Nancy snorted, "No way! I won't forget it!" After saying that, she turned around, walked into the room and slammed the door without looking at them.

Bonnie looked at the closed door and sighed.

Hearing the sound of the door slamming, Irene pursed her lips innocently. She looked at Bonnie and apologized, "Mom, it's all my fault."

Hearing her words, Bonnie turned to look at her and patted her hand helplessly. "Leave her alone. I'll talk to her."

In fact, Bonnie knew that the reason why Nancy was angry couldn't be that Irene had lied to her. She had no feelings for Aaron at all. But why was she so angry now?

When they sat down at the table, Irene felt uneasy and said with hesitation, " Do you need me to bring some food to Nancy?"

Bonnie knew what kind of person Nancy was. She was very willful. If Irene walked in with the bowl in her hand, she would definitely throw it out and probably smash it. She patted Irene's hand and said, "Leave it alone. Let me do it."

Hearing her mother's words, Irene had to give up.

Irene's room had been empty for a long time, and it was covered with dust. Since Bonnie and Nancy came back from A City, Nancy had moved everything she didn't need into Irene's room. Nancy didn't want Irene to come back at all.

Irene and Aaron could only go out to live.

After dinner, the two of them were about to leave, but Nancy didn't come out of her room. Irene reminded Bonnie to take medicine.

Bonnie nodded and sent the two out.

Bonnie turned to look at the closed door and shook her head helplessly. She went to the kitchen to get some food and knocked on Nancy's door.

After knocking twice, no one answered.

restaurant in B City when the restaurant in A City expanded, and then he would hand it over to us for management."

Nancy raised her head in surprise. "Are they that generous?"

"…… It's not for us." Bonnie explained, but she was already satisfied. "So you'd better calm down and don't be angry."

Nancy kept silent while eating.

Seeing that Nancy didn't want to talk to her anymore, Bonnie sighed, stood up and walked out of the room.

After dinner, Nancy wiped her mouth and went back to bed.

She looked at the ceiling expressionlessly.

It was true that she didn't hate Irene because of Aaron. It was like an outburst of emotions, which had reached a peak and naturally ended up like this.

Since she was a child, Irene had been better than her in both study and other things.

Every time her father praised Irene, she was not convinced. Her father had always been fond of Irene, and her mother had always been fond of her.

But their father passed away in their childhood, and since then, Irene's status in their family had declined sharply. She had been very happy at that time.

But what she didn't understand was that they had an aunt who was very good to Irene but was not good to her. The difference could be seen at a glance.

She didn't understand. She asked her mother, but her mother said vaguely.

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