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   Chapter 148 The Promise On The Sky Wheel

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6244

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But now, with Aaron here, all the regrets in the past seemed to disappear. God would always arrange a right person for you at the right time. Jonny might be the one who was wrong at the wrong time.

This time, she finally found the right person and brought him here.

Hearing Irene's explanation, Aaron was full of joy.

He held Irene's hand tightly, looked at her gently and said, "It seems that it's destined."

"Yes, I'm destined to sit it with you."

Hearing Irene's words, Aaron felt that she was coaxing him... It was weird. But he had no time to think about it. He couldn't wait to sit on it.

When the two of them successfully sat on the sky wheel, Irene looked at Aaron, who was obviously happy, and asked curiously, "Why do you also want to take the sky wheel?" In fact, she wanted to sit on it before.

Aaron looked at Irene and said with a smile, "When I was a child, there was a sky wheel around my house, but I never sat on it. My mother told me that the sky wheel is the closest to heaven, and I have always been longing for it. But at this age, I have already forgotten my obsession when I was a child. I didn't expect that the feeling when I saw the sky wheel just now came back."

Irene felt that it was the first time that Aaron had said so much, and it was also the first time that he had mentioned his mother. She was curious and asked, "Then why didn't your mother take you to have a seat?"

"But the family condition is not very good. It will be much better after growing up." Something occurred to Aaron. He looked up at the sky with an extremely gentle expression on his face.

Irene looked at the expression on Aaron's face and asked tentatively, "When we got married, you said that your family is now yours. Then your mom..."

"A car accident." Aaron lowered his head and said calmly. Then he looked up at Irene with a compl

ed. Why did you call me at this time?" Jessica took off the facial mask and threw it into the trash can beside the bed.

"…… Nothing. I just have something to tell you."

"Why are you so mysterious?" Opal's tone made Jessica a little curious.

"Because... I went to the cinema today and saw a man and a woman in the hall. They were very close. The man looked like Aaron very much."

Hearing this, Jessica's face changed, "What did you say? You mean... Did you see Aaron go to a movie with another woman?"

"Yes, that's what I mean!"

"Why do I want to laugh so much? You must be mistaken." Jessica didn't believe her at all.

Opal thought for a while and said firmly, "I'm absolutely not wrong. That's Aaron, with a smile on his face!"

"Is he still smiling? I don't believe you either. You know what kind of person he is. Besides, I'm his fiancee. How could he date with another woman? !" Jessica raised her voice involuntarily.

"How can you not believe me? That's really Aaron!" Opal said anxiously as she heard the disbelief in Jessica's tone.

"Opal, don't say anything more. Aaron and I are fine now. You don't have to worry about us."

Hearing what Jessica said, Opal had no choice but to say, "Maybe I was wrong..."

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