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   Chapter 147 The Sky Wheel

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The two of them finished the hot pot sweetly.

Although Irene felt hot, she still felt great! The food was also very enough. It was more cost-effective.

The two walked out of the hotpot restaurant hand in hand. Aaron took a look at the time and felt that it was still early. He turned to Irene and said, "I'm free this afternoon. What's your next arrangement, honey?"

Irene held Aaron's hand and tilted her head. "We... go to the cinema! We haven't even had a formal date since we got married!"

Irene's request today was unconditionally obeyed by Aaron, so after hearing her words, the next destination of the two was confirmed.

When Aaron sat in the cinema with popcorn in his hand, he couldn't help but want to say that he used to despise this kind of people, but... Now he was sitting here with Irene and looking at her side face in the dark, with indescribable satisfaction in his heart.

The two of them chose a new release of the love movie, so the atmosphere was suitable...

But they didn't expect it to be a tragedy. The hero and the heroine were not together. When they finished releasing, Irene cried so hard that her makeup was ruined...

"Why did the heroine suddenly get sick?! Damn it! Why didn't she tell the hero that she was sick? She wouldn't rest in peace even if she died." Irene sobbed, wiping her nose.

Aaron wiped the tears from the corner of Irene's eyes helplessly and said in a soft voice, "So why are you still crying so sadly. It's a story. It lied to little girls like you."

Irene pouted, "I'm not a little girl. I'm married! I'm a married woman now."

Aaron hugged Irene's shoulder and walked out laughing, "It turns out that you prefer to be a married woman than a little girl? I didn't know until now."

Irene saw the smile on Aaron's face and blushed. She couldn't help whispering, "I'm willing to be your married woman..."

Although the voice was very low, Aaron still heard it. He stopped and turned to l

and said she was going to take the sky wheel.

Aaron nodded, got in the car and took her to that direction.

All these were novel experiences for him, the first time in his life. He felt warm at the thought that so many first times in his life were created together with Irene.

However, looking at the beautiful Ferris wheel shining with the light of the outer ring of the ten floor building in front of him, Aaron couldn't help feeling jealous. "You must have been here with Jonny, right?"

Irene turned to look at Aaron in surprise. If she didn't mishear, his tone was full of jealousy just now!

She wanted to laugh. Why was Aaron always jealous when he thought of Jonny? It had been a long time ago.

She held his hand tightly and shook it to make him look at her.

"No, it's my first time here."

"Really?" Aaron's eyes were full of disbelief.

Irene glared at him and said, "Why should I lie to you? Don't you believe me?"

"I trust you, but..."

But you have been with Jonny for so long. Why...

"He is afraid of heights... We've been here before, but he's afraid of heights, so we didn't play it. "

Thinking of this, Irene felt a little aggrieved. She always liked the sky wheel and thought that it would be romantic for two lovers to go up, but she could only look at it...

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