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   Chapter 144 I Want To Be Your Mistress

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The host looked at the camera and continued with a smile, "In addition to the five star hotel, we also have a lot of great and famous snacks in the folk, so every city has its own folk food. Our show has invited the carefully chosen chefs to come..."

Irene listened to the host's words, but her mind was a little far away... What she was thinking now was whether she looked good in the camera like this.

Soon the host finished his speech, and then the chefs introduced themselves. Irene nervously looked at the microphone in her hand.

Blinking her eyes, she looked at the camera with a smile and said, "My name is Irene, 23 years old. I just graduated from A university this year. I am taking part in this program to show the noodles made by me, and my father has been doing it all his life. He also has his own secret recipe, so after his death, I decided to inherit his family business and develop the Xiao family's noodles!"

As Irene spoke, she forgot to be nervous, and her eyes were full of confidence.

In fact, the host had already known everyone's situation, but he still pretended to be surprised and said, "A university is a famous university. Don't you think it's a pity that you plan to become a chef after graduation?"

Irene thought for a while and shook her head with a smile. "Of course I don't regret it. The reason why I went to college was that I could get more money from jobs in the future and then develop the Xiao family's noodles, but now I save the middle step."

The woman next to her couldn't help saying, "What a filial girl!"

Hearing the praise, Irene blushed at the thought that they were recording the program.

Hans looked at Irene in the camera and smiled.

The shy Irene in the video looked more pure, which made people involuntarily want to protect her.

Hans said in a low voice, "We can add more scenes of Irene."

Hearing what Hans said, the director was stunned and nod

two of them walked down the stage, talking and laughing. Irene saw Selena and Hans, walked over and nodded to Hans as a greeting. Then she excitedly pulled Selena and said, "I didn't expect that you haven't left yet. Did I behave well just now?"

Selena nodded with a smile, "Very good!"

Irene was very happy. Now she felt as if she had done a very successful thing.

Ophelia recognized Hans, who was standing beside Irene. She was surprised and excited. Although she wondered why he was here, knowing him was her biggest goal to participate in the show, so she walked over without hesitation.

"Hello, Mr. Hans. My name is Ophelia. I'm also the cook of this program." Ophelia said with a flattering smile.

Hans turned to her and nodded politely, but didn't reply.

Selena squinted at the woman in front of her. She had learned to see through people for so many years in the workplace, not to mention the person with such a clear purpose.

There were almost these words on her face, "I want to be your mistress". But looking at her age and the fish tail mark at the corner of her eyes, Selena curled her lips and thought, 'Hans would only like her if he was blind.'

Irene was not as capable as Selena. She didn't know Ophelia's intention and greeted her with a smile.

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