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   Chapter 143 Official Recording Of The Program

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Irene arrived at the filming site early and clenched her hands nervously in the dress she had selected yesterday. With light make-up on her face, Irene didn't dare to bite her lips, fearing that her make-up would be ruined...

At this time, Selena came over. She was in another studio, and when she heard that there was a new food program here, she suddenly thought of Irene. She came over curiously and saw the nervous Irene standing next to her.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Selena approached Irene.

Hearing the voice, Irene turned to look at Selena. She was stunned and then remembered that Selena was also working at the TV station. "I... Nothing."

Irene scratched her dress.

Seeing Irene's little action, Selena smiled and comforted her, "Don't be so nervous. I heard that they just want to see you sit together and have a chat. Don't be afraid."

"I know... But I'm still so nervous." After staying here for a long time, Irene finally saw an acquaintance. At this moment, she couldn't help but want to tell her nervous mood, or to relieve it.

Selena looked at her watch and pulled Irene to sit aside. She asked curiously, "Why didn't Aaron come with you?"

"Well... I told him not to come. I'm afraid I'll be more nervous if he comes..." Irene lowered her head and twisted her fingers.

Selena nodded thoughtfully, looked at Irene's nervous face and said with a smile, "I can understand your feelings. I was very nervous when I recorded a program for the first time, but I haven't been to the stage... I was all behind the scene. But it's okay. Look, there are still people with you over there." As Selena spoke, she pointed in a direction for Irene to see and added, "Don't worry. The host won't just stare at you."

Irene looked in the direction pointed by Selena and saw several people who looked completely different from those who worked in TV stations. She looked carefully and found that they were almost all her "opponents".

They must be very experienced at such an old age... She became nervous again.

Selena read

ides her, there was a younger woman sitting the closest place to the host. She was dressed in a fashionable way, but the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes could be seen that she was no longer young. And This woman looked a little arrogant... Irene thought to herself.

In fact, she was not the only one who was nervous. It was the first time for everyone to record TV programs, so they would naturally be a little nervous. It depended on who was good at camouflage.

The host was a young man with a professional smile, but he was very friendly. Seeing that it was almost time, he turned around and chatted with them to ease their tension.

Ten minutes passed quickly under Irene's nervous state. The camera was set at the position of the host and started officially.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Allen. It's been a long time since we last met. Welcome to our new program. The name of this program is' If you can do it, you can go first '. I believe that when you see this title, you will be a little curious about the nature of this program. Let's talk about the purpose of this program today." As he spoke, the camera was turned far away and showed the chefs beside the host.

Irene was a little nervous when she saw the camera in the distance. The smile on her face was the one she had exercised for a long time yesterday, and her hands were clasped nervously.

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