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   Chapter 142 Who On Earth Is Nervous

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Helen asked, "What do you think? Is it beautiful?"

Looking at the expectant eyes of the two of them, Jackson couldn't help nodding.

But before the two of them were happy, he said, "But it's easy to frighten people when you wear it out."

Hearing this, Connie was speechless...

Helen also didn't know what to say.

She lowered her head and looked at herself and thought, 'He is right! Who will go out in a red cheongsam?'

Connie looked at Helen card and said, "When you get married, you can wear it!"

Helen turned around and said to Connie, "Get married? It's still early."

Connie shook her head and said, "You can't be so sure. Then this is my wedding gift for you."

Jackson was speechless and added jokingly, "You gave her the wedding gift very early."

Raising her eyebrows, Connie asked, "So what?"

Jackson just shacked his head.

"Although I don't know when I will get married, I still have to thank you, Connie. This is the first wedding gift I have received." Helen smiled.

"Ha ha, if you marry my brother in the future, I will give you a big gift." Connie teased.

Helen blushed and didn't reply, peeping at the expression of Jackson.

Jackson saw Connie calmly and said, "I remember that you have many brothers."

Connie was speechless and thought, 'But the one sitting in front of me is the most troublesome one. It really takes me too much time to think.'

After taking a few steps, Helen went back to her room to change her clothes. Otherwise, she couldn't go home later. If she worn this, she might be surrounded by a crowd of onlookers when she arrived at her community... She was wearing a red cheongsam with her hair down... A typical ghost movie outfit.

When they went out together, Connie looked at Helen and said with a smile, "If you have time, come to play with me!"

Helen nodded with a smile. She liked Connie very much.

Jackson drove Helen home and Helen opened the radio in the car.

The radio reminded Jackson of the day when he came back home. He frowned. He was so happy now that

t these clothes. He picked out a gauze long dress with floral patterns embroidered on it, which indistinctly showed the curve inside but also had a hazy beauty. He looked carefully and handed it to Irene. "What do you think of this one?"

Irene took it and had a look. Why didn't she notice it just now? "Then I'll try it on."

Aaron nodded.

Irene quickly went to the bathroom and changed her clothes. She went back to her bedroom and showed it to Aaron. She walked around in front of him and asked with a smile, "How is it? Is it beautiful?"

Aaron looked at it carefully, nodded, and thumbed up. "It's very beautiful." In fact, he wanted to say that his wife was beautiful no matter what she wore, but he was afraid that if he said so, it would take Irene two hours to finish choosing clothes.

Irene lowered her head and looked at herself. She thought she was beautiful, generous and looked like a lady.

She curled her lips and thought, 'That's it!'

She took it off and hung it carefully on the wardrobe. She patted it gently and said in a low voice, "I'm going to take you to TV show tomorrow. Are you happy! I'm also very happy! But I'm telling you, don't be nervous. Relax! I won't be nervous! We have to cooperate well tomorrow!"

On the bed, Aaron listened to her nagging in front of the dress and smiled helplessly. Who on earth is nervous?

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