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   Chapter 126 Rest Assured

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"You'd better go back to Jackson's house today. Your toiletries are still there... Besides, Helen is still here. It's not convenient..." Irene looked back at Aaron and whispered.

Aaron knew that Irene was not in a good mood, so he agreed with a nod.

Seeing that he agreed, Irene felt sorry. This was Aaron's house. Although this house was under her name, she had let him live outside for so long...

"It doesn't matter, but only one night." Noticing Irene's hesitation, Aaron said in a low voice. He curled his lips and whispered in her ear, "Do you know how poor the quality of my sleep is after I left you? If I don't come back and live with you, I'm afraid that my dark circles of eyes will reach my chin."

Irene couldn't help laughing when she heard his words. She pushed his face and said, "Then I'll take you downstairs."

The two went downstairs together, and Irene escorted Aaron to the car.

It was late at night, and only the sound of crickets could be heard around. A bright moon shone on the ground in the night sky, as if it was brighter than street lamps.

"It's too late. You'd better go back now. I don't have to help you with your luggage tomorrow, do I?"

Aaron shook his head, "There is still Jackson, but there is not much. You can still help Helen at home." He was very happy now and could move by himself.

But considering that Irene was still in a bad mood, Aaron couldn't show it too obviously.

"Then you can leave now. I'm going upstairs."

Thinking that he would be back tomorrow, Aaron was a little excited. At this time, he didn't want to leave Irene. He put his arms around Irene's waist and whispered, "I want a good night kiss."

Irene couldn't stand when Aaron talked to her at a close distance. His magnetic voice was so attractive that she couldn't help but want to listen to him.

Just like now, when she heard his words and looked at his lips, she couldn't help but lean over.

Aaron was very satisfied with Irene's performance. He hugged her and gave her a

ck market speculation? !" Helen was surprised.

Irene nodded, but then she realized that Helen couldn't see her action. So she said, "Yes, he said so."

Helen was confused. She felt something was wrong, but she didn't know what it was.

But it was a good thing.

Helen patted Irene's hand and said, "Then what are you worried about? Don't blame me for being straightforward. Your mother loves money so much... If you buy her a house, all her hatred will be solved. What happened before is just a small case!"

Hearing Helen's words, Irene couldn't help laughing and didn't seem to be worried anymore.

"You has seen through My mother!"

Helen raised her chin and said proudly, "Of course. You haven't gone to work. If you were me, you would have learned how to please and say what you should say. It's a living skill."

"Ouch, Helen promotion."

"They are my all tears... Stop talking about it." Helen yawned.

Irene put down the big stone in her heart and felt a little sleepy. She said softly, "Go to sleep. You have to go to work tomorrow."

With a "Hmm" sound, Helen turned around and left Irene's arms. In a daze, she said, "Good night. I'll ask for leave tomorrow afternoon and move back with you..."

When Irene heard this, she thought that Aaron would be back tomorrow. She felt sweet and had fallen asleep slowly.

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