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   Chapter 102 I've Been In A Bad Relationship With Her

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Carl rubbed his arm which was hit and said, "Nothing... That day, she came into my room and I was taking a shower. After I came out, I scolded her and she turned to be like this."

Lauren wondered which day he was talking about. Looking back, she suddenly thought that it was the day she scolded Carl! She was so angry that she turned around and hit Carl, "Why don't you ask her what to do in your room?! She wanted to comfort you that day, because she thought you were unhappy."

Hearing this, Carl opened his mouth and thought, 'So that is what it is!

I misunderstood her...?

But under this circumstance, I can't apologize... Besides, she didn't tell me about her intention that day! It was not all my fault...'

Just then, Ada was massaging her shoulders and came in. She was surprised to see Carl and Lauren. She smiled and asked, "Mom, why are you still awake?"

Lauren cast a glance at Carl and said smilingly, "How can I sleep steadily before you come back? Come and have a seat! What's up? The cake shop is quite busy these days? Why do you come back so late every day?"

Ada walked over and sat on the other side of Lauren. She leaned on Lauren and acted like a spoiled child, "Yes! The cake shop's business is very good. I have invented several new dishes recently. Customers all say they are delicious! I'll bring it back for you and dad tomorrow!"

Carl heard that everyone in his family had been mentioned, but she didn't mention him. He felt that Ada was too mean. So he snorted.

When Lauren heard this, she looked back at Carl, turned her eyes and said, "Really? You can bring one for Carl and let him have a taste."

Lauren said this out of good will, but...

Her words instantly made Ada think of the way Carl was with that star in the bar that day. When he saw her cake, he didn't want to take it and was impatient.

Ada sat straight and said indifferently, "Carl doesn't like desserts."

Lauren was shoc

hought for a while and said, "You are an adult and I don't have to say anything, but I still want to remind you. Aaron is old enough to give him a proper suggestion on your marriage. The LR Group is growing better and better. During this period of time, I have paid more attention to Aaron. His future is limitless. If something won't go wrong with the Zhao Family, Aaron will take over it."

Jessica knew that her father cared about them, but she did not expect that he would pay special attention to Aaron. She was very happy to know that Ken's approval to Aaron.

"Dad, Aaron worked hard."

Ken nodded, "But he has been very vague with you. This time with you, it has been a big step for you two. You must seize it. I was supposed to go with your mother today, but I happened to have something else to do. So you have to depend on yourself today."

"Dad, I know what I should do."

Seeing her serious look, Ken gave a little smile. He was quite satisfied with what his daughter had done. However, he was still worried about her daughter, so he added, "Aaron is a very popular, and you must declare your ownership over them by then. And you should also tell them your fiancee status."

"I know, Dad! Don't worry. I have learned a lot from you in these years," said Jessica, smiling.

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