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   Chapter 101 Invitation

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The two went out of the elevator one after another. Jessica followed Aaron. Opal' father had tried so hard to invite a lot of prestigious men in A City. Jessica resolved to invite Aaron to go with her this time, for she wanted to tell everyone that Aaron belonged to her.

Aaron approached the office and ignored Jessica who followed him in.

As soon as he sat on the chair, he got a call from Owen.

"Are you in the company?" Said Owen seriously.

Hearing this, Aaron frowned and thought, 'If I am no longer in the company, where can I be? Does he think I am free every day?'! He replied to Owen with a blank "Hmm."

"Okay. But, did Jessica go to see you recently?"

Aaron raised his eyebrows and saw Jessica sitting on the sofa. He wondered whether they had reached an agreement with each other.

He replied flatly, "he is here now."

"I've received an invitation to Li family's daughter's birthday party tomorrow night. You can go with her!"

Owen's tone made Aaron feel unhappy. He retorted, "I can go, but I don't want to go with her."

The person on the other end of the line gasped in an instant, and said in a deep voice, "Do you know that your scandal in the company is still being spread! I told you to solve the problem, but how did you work it out?! Do you take my words as bullshit?! This is a good opportunity to let her be your female companion. No objection! Otherwise I will teach you a lesson after you come back!"

Then Owen hung up. After casting a glance at his phone, Aaron threw it away.

He thought in the mind, 'I am already thirty years old. Why does he always teach me?' Huh.

But on second thought, if he didn't listen to Owen this time, Owen would be very angry. And he also thought that Jessica's parents would also go to the party. If they saw the two of them quarrel like this, they would surely put up a poker face to the Zhao Family.

Considering this, he seemed to have no other choice.

Sitting on the sofa not far away from them, Jessica dared not say a word, just looking at Aaron's gloomy face. She guessed that the call must be from Aaron's father.


da." She had noticed that Carl and Ada didn't get along well with each other. Although she had felt it at the beginning, she didn't care about it. After all, Ada had never been mad at Carl since she was a little girl. However, Ada didn't get back together with Carl this time. Ada's relationship with Carl was getting worse.

This had never happened before!

They could take this opportunity to have fun and communicate with each other.

Carl was lying on the sofa, but when she heard Lauren mentioned Ada, he was startled and then sat up, pouted his lips and said, "I don't want to go with her!"

He was trying to distance himself from Ada. How could he go with her! What's more, what's wrong with Ada? He just scolded her a few days ago, but she still put on a long face in front of him these days.

Lauren was pissed off by his expression. She grabbed his invitation and complained, "How could you be so disobedient?"

Carl was hit by it unexpectedly. Although it was small, it hurt! He quickly dodged and said angrily, "Mom! What are you doing! Don't you see that she is acting weird recently? !"

Upon hearing that, Lauren pulled her hands back and came up to Carl. Seeing that he was still trying to avoid her, she threw the invitation card onto the tea table and murmured, "What happened to you? Tell me, I have never seen Ada get so angry with you. Where are your tricks of coaxing girls? !"

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