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   Chapter 100 Experiencing Life

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Looking at Aaron's name on the mobile phone, Irene was worried. Suddenly, an idea occurred to her and she patted on her head. She could call Jackson! How stupid she was!

Sure enough, it was picked up within a few seconds. Irene was just about to ask Aaron to answer the phone when she heard a cold voice coming from the other end of the line. "If you want to see Aaron, then you can hang up now. Aaron is very angry now and he wants me to tell you that he doesn't want to talk to you."

Irene, feeling wronged, pouted her mouth and said in a low voice, "Then I won't talk to him anymore. Could you please help me coax him and make him calm down?"

Hearing Irene's words, Jackson gave a shiver of fear when he looked at Aaron who was still as cold as ice and replied, "As for this kind of thing... You are the best person. Well, I have convey what I want to say to you. Then I hang up."

Hearing the indifferent reply from the other end of the line, Irene couldn't help thinking that Aaron and Jackson were same kind of people. Are they always talking to each other like this? It's so cold to live in the same house!

After hanging up the phone, Jackson turned to look at Aaron and said helplessly, "When will you stop acting like this?"

With arms around his shoulders, Aaron watched the news broadcast on TV expressionlessly. He snorted when he heard the words of Jackson, "Do you think I want to be angry?"

"Then you can just tell Irene's mother that you two have already got the marriage certificate."

Aaron didn't respond. How could he not think about it? But if he did, how could he face Irene in the future? She cared so much about Bonnie's attitude, and if he did, she would be angry with him.

Jackson sighed as he saw Aaron was lost in thought. He really could not get involved in their business.

The point was that Aaron had been living here, which made him very upset. He had a strong sense of will in the domain, and Aaron had been challenging his limits.

If this man had not been Aaron, he would have beaten him out!

Irene now watch

you can come!"

Jessica heard her and said, "Okay, happy birthday to you in advance!"

"Well, bring your fiance here too. I haven't seen Aaron and Jackson for a long time," Opal added with a smile.

Jessica's eyes lit up. She felt so happy when she looked at Aaron's back. She liked it when others called him fiance!

"Okay! I will try my best to take him there."

"Okay! I'll hang up first. I have something to deal with right now." Opal hung up the phone and smiled. She would invite Aaron, Jackson and Carl one by one. She was eager to ask Carl and wanted to tell him about Ada.

Thinking of the day when she was in the restaurant, she felt angry.

She would like to ask Carl if she knew the existence of that man!

Jessica hang up the phone and rushed to Aaron. They entered the elevator one after another.

Aaron looked at her coldly. "Do you have nothing to do?"

Looking at Aaron's reflection in the mirror, Jessica said, "I came here because I have something important to do."

"What's the matter?" Aaron asked.

"…… Opal called me just now and said that tomorrow is her birthday party. She asked you to go with me, and I'm here to discuss this with you!" Then she nodded seriously.

"No, I won't go." Aaron replied simply.

Jessica frowned. She knew that Aaron would definitely refuse her, but she didn't expect him to be so straightforward.

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