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   Chapter 90 The Prophet

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"What? Half a month? !"

Irene nodded her head dejectedly.

Helen then threw herself on the bed. Although Irene's house was much better than her, she still needs to take the bus every day!

But for her best friend's sake, she decided to let it go.

Irene also felt a little embarrassed. She lay beside Helen and hugged her, whispering, "I'm sorry. You have to be with me now."

"What are you talking about! I will be mad if you are too formal with me! I just hope that you can solve your problem perfectly. I'm just feeling that it's getting more and more difficult to wind it up..."

Irene sighed, thinking of what Aaron said to her that day.

"Aren't you afraid that something bad will happen again and situation becomes irretrievable?"

Irene thought that Aaron could become a prophet.

Every day, Irene still lived in great fear. She spared some time to see Aaron and hoped that he would come to the restaurant less often.

Besides, Aaron was busy with his work in the company these days, so he didn't have time to visit her. So, Bonnie's plan was put off.

Occasionally, Ada would call Irene and ask her about her current condition.

Actually, Ada also helped Aaron hide his identity. However, it was not appropriate to say that. So she could only help Irene through this way.

One day, after Ada just finished the phone call, she saw Mack walking in with Barrie.

She hurried to them, feeling that she hadn't seen Barrie for a long time! She missed Barrie very much.

She squatted down, looked at Barrie, smiled and said, "Barrie, why haven't you come to visit me for such a long time?" Pouting, she added, "Have you forgotten me?"

Barrie didn't know Ada was making fun of him. He thought she was really sad, so he hugged her quickly and said with a baby voice, "I haven't forgotten you, aunt! I've always been missing you. But recently, daddy has no time to take me to see you..." He pouted as he felt a little wronged.


moved here, Barrie always heard from other children that their parents would take them to the amusement park on weekends. But because his father was so busy with his work, he never went there, but he remembered it in his heart!

Ada smiled, "Let's go? !"

Barrie nodded excitedly. "Thank you, aunt Ada."

Ada went to do what she wanted to do. After dressing up, she left with Barrie. There weren't many people in the amusement park as today was not weekend. They bought the ticket and went in successfully, which attracted a lot of onlookers. All people thought they were mother and son!

Ada wore tight sportswear, showing her perfect figure. Her hair was all tied up and she looked several years younger, which made her look very fashionable.

The child next to her was a little boy with a delicate face. He wore a pair of leather shoes, a jeans and a simple T-shirt. He looked rather stylish.

Naturally, this kind of mother and son would attract many people's attention.

However, Ada didn't care about their sight. She had been in high-class parties for a long time, so she was used to it. However, Barrie was a little nervous as he had never been watched by so many people before. However, Barrie, after all, was a child, and soon he was attracted by the merry go round in front of him.

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