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   Chapter 38 A Perfect Solution (Part One)

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At the sight of Irene's red eyes, Helen knew that Irene became really angry.

"If you continue to say this, I think we should sue you," said Helen.

With the support of those customers, the old man stood upright.

"You want to sue me?! If you don't give me 5, 000 dollars as mental compensation, I will sue you!"

Helen looked at the old man who was playing rogue in front of her, and determined not to give money to him.

In the end, the old man cursed and left. He also said that he would come tomorrow.

Watching the customers leave one by one, Irene couldn't help but shed tears. She regretted that she didn't give the old man 5, 000 dollars just now. If she did, the old man wouldn't make such a big trouble.

Helen consoled her and tried to persuade her not to think so. Helen said to Irene, "If you connive at him this time, there will be more troubles in the future."

"Lad, how was my performance just now?" The old man looked at the man sitting in the Mercedes Benz and smiled flatteringly.

Thinking of the messy restaurant, Jonny nodded.

And then he gave the old man 5, 000 dollars.

The old man took money with a smile and his eyes lit up, "Should I come back tomorrow?"

Looking at Irene's sad face, Jonny nodded and said, "But don't scold too much."

"Got it!" The old man agreed with a smile and left.

Jonny watched Irene for a while before driving away.

He just didn't want Irene to live peacefully with that man. And he thought, 'Irene can't live a happy life when she left me. Her happiness can only be given by me!'

That's why he sent that old man here to make trouble. And then he would show up to help Irene when things were not under control. 'Irene will definitely like me again at that time, ' he thought.

At the thought of Irene coming back to him, Jonny was very happy.

"Aaron, why didn't you tell me before you went abroad? I can go with you. It's so boring for you to go by yourself," said Jessica coquettishly, hugging Aaron into her arms.

"Didn't your parents tell you to talk less at dinner?" Aaron withdrew his arm and said coldly.

Hearing Aaron's rep

urprised to see the man in front of him. He obviously was shocked by Aaron's imposing manner.

So he sat down unwillingly, "Who are you? I want to see the female boss yesterday."

Aaron was a little annoyed. He knew that Irene was frightened yesterday, so he told her not to come out today. He went to have a talk with that old man.

"You can tell me whatever you want. I'm her husband, another boss of this restaurant."

Hearing this, the old man was a little bit confused. He didn't know that there was another boss of the restaurant.

He cleared his throat and said, "You must have heard what happened yesterday. I just want my mental damage compensation!"

Hearing this, Aaron felt a little bit funny. But his face was still expressionless, he asked, "Sir, are you sure you have seen the fly before that bowl of noodles came the table?"

The old man was intimidated by Aaron's overbearing manner. Looking at his shoulder in front of him, that old man felt as if a mountain pressed him He was too guilty to raise his head.

"Yes... …… Yes, of course. If I haven't seen it, what am I doing here?"

Aaron nodded.

All of a sudden, Aaron turned around and said to the staff behind him, "Get the surveillance video."

The staff nodded obediently, looked at that old man and went into the room.

Seeing this situation, the old man was dumbfounded.

He thought, 'What?! The surveillance video? !"

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