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   Chapter 37 Jealousy

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"Honey, I'm sorry..." Irene pouted her lips and sat beside Aaron, putting her arms around his neck.

Aaron ignored her.

"Honey I was really wrong."


"Honey, I know I was wrong. Please don't ignore me."

"For what?" Aaron asked

"Well I just was wrong."

Aaron didn't reply again and continued to read. He thought, 'You don't know where you was wrong. Why do you beg for my forgiveness? Humph!'

Irene felt wronged when she saw that Aaron still ignored her.

Then she said, "Honey I know where I did wrong."

Finally, Aaron put down the book and turned around to her.

Irene swallowed her saliva, let go of Aaron, lowered her head, grabbed the sheet and whispered, "I should tell Zack that you are my husband..."

Aaron realized that Irene really didn't know where she was wrong. And so he let go of his knitted brows.

"I know you might haven't accepted the fact that you are married, but you should know that he likes you. You should tell him the truth and let him give up this idea."

Hearing this, Irene thought, 'It was amazing. Did Aaron study psychology when he was in school? How could he see through everyone's mind?

Although she thought so, she still pretended to be obedient and nodded vanity. "I see."

Aaron actually wanted to say that the man looked smart and was not like a simple person.

He thought that such a simple Irene shouldn't be with such a man.

But he didn't want to tell Irene the truth, because he was afraid that Irene might think that he was jealous of Zack and didn't care about his words.

Never mind, he would pay more attention to that man in the future.

After all, he was willing to marry Irene.

The next morning, Irene got up early.

Because she had been thinking about her restaurant. She didn't go to the restaurant for a week and wanted to see it.

After preparing the breakfast, she went back to the bedroom, looked at Aaron who was still sleeping, and left quietly.

After checking the account book for two hours, Irene was finally relieved.

When she was about to take a break, an unexpected thing happened.

Not long after Irene left, Aaron got up and cleane

o now she couldn't stand him anymore.

"Sir, do you have mental problems?"

Although Irene thought this old man was ridiculous, she still felt that there was something wrong with Helen. So she pulled the corner of Helen's clothes and asked her not to say anything.

But Helen didn't listen to her and called the waiter who served the food just now to ask, "Did you see the fly before you brought it here?"

Her serious tone made the clerk's face turn white. The clerk hurriedly raised three fingers and said, "I swear to God, absolutely no."

'Was the fly in by itself?' Irene wondered.

Helen lowered her head and looked at the bowl of noodles. She blinked her eyes as if she was thinking of something. Then she looked up at the old man and said, "Sir, you haven't eaten any noodles. What's the matter with you?"

That old man had never seen a girl so eloquent, which made him stunned for a while. When the old man came to his senses, he shouted angrily, "Is this how you do your business?! Is this the way to treat customers? !" The he turned his head to the other guests and said, "Look, this restaurant is doing business like this. Why do we eat here? !"

The onlookers pointed at Irene and whispered to each other.

Irene had never seen this and was about to cry. Her biggest dream was to carry this restaurant forward, and her bottom line was also this restaurant.

No one could ruin her restaurant's reputation!

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